posting preference? Read or ripped up?

Does anyone actually give a toss about trying to get soldiers to a place near to where they want to settle down? I know if we all got our wish then we would be happy, but if i want the south of england why are the B*****ds posting me to bfg?


I remember 3 CSM's one from Wiltshire, one from Yorkshire and one from Essex. There were 3 CSM postings, Catterick, Colchester and Bulford. Guess what - our CSM in Colchester was the Yorkshireman... All were on their last posting and all wanted to settle in their native counties.
Glasgow couldn't give a rat's arse about you or where you want posting! They have slots to fill and you will fill them out of the tombola they seem to have up there.
Never got the posting you wanted then Ches?........nor it would appear from the RAMC forum......the promotion (snigger!)
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