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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by grunt34, Feb 15, 2012.

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  1. Right, I'm rapidly becoming threaders. DII (in the form of Int Corps PD 6) talks about the INT CORPS Soldier's PPP, as does Armynet and the MS Web, but I can't for the life of me find one. Strangely enough the Officers' version is readily available...

    Can anyone out there either direct me to where these are cunningly concealed on DII (finding them is past my level of IT skills, it seems) or - worst case - PM me a copy?

    It would be greatly appreciated as I really need to get one filled out asap. Many thanks,

  2. My CoC gave me one printed out, not even two sheets stapled; full on pukka gen double sided printing.
  3. Have you tried the D Int pages on the intranet? I recently looked at the policy directive or whatever it's called that deals with the new PPP and also lists the priority categories (A-D) for different postings. I can't remember if there is a copy of the PPP as part of it, but its worth looking. Failing that, you could try e-mailing or phoning the Major at D Int who runs the HR side of life there, he should be able to help.
  4. Alternatively, if you're being asked to submit one then perhaps ask the person who told you to fill it in to give you a blank one.......
  5. No-one has told me to fill one out; this is me being proactive as my current tour will be up towards the end of the year and I don't want what's left over when they scrape the bottom of the MS barrel. I'm still not even sure why I'm bothering, every single one I've submitted has been ignored completely when posting time comes around.

    I've checked the relevant PD and although it talks about the PPP (as does the Armynet page dealing with INT CORPS Regular Soldiers' assignments) neither contains a copy of it; other Arms and Services seem to be able to disseminate it by those means. I've asked the CoC here on Ops to give me one and I got a copy of the officers' version. I've already approached my parent Unit in the UK to email me one, and am currently still on their 'wait out', so I guess SO2 HR is the weapon of last resort...
  6. if your parent unit is within 1MIX, PM me your details and I'll get one sent out to you.
  7. Thanks everybody, I have now managed to get my hands on one.
  8. I hear Bulford is nice this time of year
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  9. Erm, sorry if I'm butting my nose in something that may be totally the wrong thing, but don't you put your preferences on JPA and the clerks that sort your posting look at that?
  10. If it's anywhere on DII can you tell us the location? I'm due posting later this year and, like yourself, have no desire to be left to the tender mercies of MCM Div and their postings ouija board.....
  11. No it's ferking cold.
  12. It's not that simple unfortunately and I wouldn't trust the clerks at my Unit to even submit my PPP on time and to the correct people.

    The PPP that is being discussed is an Int Corps specific one. In 1 MI X Units, at least, soldiers complete their PPP's, they are given a sanity check by Section level SNCOs and CSMs before they go to RSMs who speak to RCMOs and Glasgow and try to match soldiers to something that they want, are suited to and is available at the right time.

    That, at least, is the theory. The new PPPs are intended to remedy some of the complaints about soldiers being sent to places that they had valid reasons for not wanting to go to. We will see if this works, though it will be impossible to please all of the people all of the time. On a number of occasions I've had to explain to my (usually 1st tour) LCpl's that Glasgow have to fill the unpopular and less cool jobs as well and not everyone will get posted to Hereford or DIS and that the LIFC still has to be manned.

    Incidentally, for those of you who have seen the new PPP, is there a 'negative choice' box on it?
  13. The Int Corps get an Ouija board? Fancy. AGC are still using dried seaweed and chicken bones.
  14. LCpls, fuck 'em there's a surplus and it's a buyers market! You, of course, will get a jobs list - although to describe it as a list is somewhat laughable. I notice Glasgow trying to justify the new format in Cognitio. As an example, the WO2 jobs list didn't list any units by name except D INT and DSI. Every post in 1 MI X was listed as one choice. You get to choose the rough job only. So if you want CI in Edinburgh, you could end up with it in Hohne as they're the same Bn. There were other examples of this to numerous to mention. Clearly Glasgow believe that when you get to WO2 then you're not interested in where the job is, only what it is as you probably don't own a house that you want to live in.........................
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