Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by NO_OIL_PAINTING, Feb 24, 2008.

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  1. Has anyone any news on the posting plot of the RMP WO2s. With so few being pre selected I am sure that some of the sub WO2s will be moving around also to fill the many holes within the Corps.
  2. What holes are you referring too??
  3. Prior to the board a few of us sat down and reviewed what positions required filling in rank of WO2. Came up with between 12 and 14 posts including those filling posts as A/WO2s. Considering that only 5 were pre selected this would suggest that there are "holes". No doubt A/WO2s will remain in these posts but surely if they were above the quality line then they would have been made sub, if not then give others the chance to prove themselves!!!!
  4. LMAO :D
  5. Not sure about the WO2 posting plot, I don't think it should be long now though as the board has done it's job. That is unless they are waiting for the Sgt - SSgt board to sit so they can fill the newly vacant SSgt slots, but that would be silly, wouldn't it?

    For the record I am one of those waiting for the SSgt results to come out, just so I can get my posting as a SSgt. Can't wait until 3 Apr so they can start work on the SSgt plot!
  6. whosthedaddy - Bad news I am afraid. MCM Div have had to delay the WO2 posting plot and have asked for those affected to bear with it. Could it be they did not promote enough SSgts in the first place? I imagine this will have a knock on effect for those SSgts awaiting posting.
  7. It is all cake and arrse! Those of you who are already SSgt and are waiting for the Sgt to SSgt board for a posting are gonna find it kind of hard to get a decent enough CR in the short time of being in your new unit to get you in with a chance of promotion in Feb 09, imagine turning up at your new unit in say, June (average if the plot comes out in Apr) and having only 5 to 6 months for your NEW OC to write a CR on you! Pretty crap eh, still who gives a sh*t I am out soon and could not care either way.

    I hope I have not disheartened any of you 'hopers'
  8. Its attitudes like yours that give me great heart. Everyone leave its better out than in.
  9. Oh yes it is!
  10. It beggars belief that we still have people on Black economy doing jobs of a higher rank, because we don’t have those slots filled by substantive rank holders! I can think of quite a few that have been acting in higher ranks for years. Get a grip MCN Div and this sort of fiasco won’t happen every year.

    If your OC and CO think you are worthy to fill the slot then you should get the substantive promotion. Less chicken bones and more b*lls will stop the uncertainty of where you will be and also if you will actually come off the board!

    How many times have you seen someone in an acting rank not get it off the board, because there aren’t enough places?

    When will our desk actually promote during the year to fill these slots. If you are asked to fill the slot you should get the rank! FULL STOP!

    P.S. yes I am bitter and twisted!
  11. No sh1t, much anger in the world today!
  12. Yes and we are still in the Corps :) Rally Provo
  13. MCM div won't promote during the year, as already said there are no b*lls in the Corps, people will rarely stand up and fight for their guys (and Gals!), no wonder folk get out when a decent job offer comes by.

    RMP = Rarely Made Promotion!
  14. Do we have a working MCM Div? Same problems each year for all boards! I know that the RMP is massive, but if the Loggies can sort it out and release boards/plots on time, why can't we?

    To much Golf, not enough work?
  15. Hardly, compared to some badges! Relatively small Corps and they still screw it up!