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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by General_Layabout, Feb 16, 2013.

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  1. How do i post pictures on here, I can't copy and paste, I've tryed. ok I admit to being a dinosour. This why I put this in the NAAFI because I expect to get slagged
  2. Click on the 'painting' icon, the rest is easy.
  3. Whilw we're at it, why, when I post a comment do I not get the bar where I can alter the font, do bold txt etc?
  4. You need to go into Settings and General Settings, Radio Button for Full WYSIWIG and it'll come back.

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  5. Ah, you Sir are a Scholar and a Gent
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  6. Actually, the consensus is a Cunt, but I'll thank you for your kind words, Sir.
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  7. Double post!
  8. You can't post pictures because some of us have higher privileges than others.

    My, how we laughed in the Longdon Bar when we saw this post!
  9. Talking to yourself again, zo?

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  10. Like this I hope

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  11. Are they pictures of attractive women? If so don't worry, just send them to me. As for the pictures you need to click on the icon.
  12. It's alright mate,no need to thank me mate,I've got nothing better to do mate,than find answers to your questions mate then not get thanked by you mate.