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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by The_Flying_Hamster, Mar 21, 2004.

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  1. Can anyone give me instructions on placing pictures into a message such as this one?

    Does the image need to be somewhere on the internet first? or can it be pasted/plastered/glued/stuck/inserted/forced/wished/or magic'd into place.

    I have this rather good one of the boil on my left arrse cheek which is begging to be shared.
  2. You could just place it in the arrse gallery. If you want to put a picture into a post, use the img button. It puts a tag in, following that you put the link of where your picture is on the internet (yes, it does have to be on the net), then you click the img button again which will close the tag. For example,


    Thats a link to a photo from the arrse gallery, so you could share you boil forever in the gallery and bring it to the majority's attention in the short term by linking to it in a post therefore getting maximum exposure for your diseased buttock.

  3. Cheers Boney, will give it a thrash!
  4. If your trying to post a piccy of your sister being teamed by the 'Chorley amputee club' don't bother, we've seen them before :D
  5. I haven't seen those, please post for me to 'ave a butchers!

    I do have some interesting ones of various personnel of the airborne variety having an interesting time at the latest "Shaftesbury and district Duck Wrestling and Slug Baiting Society's" annual bash though!