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Discussion in 'REME' started by Tactical_Ted, Nov 24, 2006.

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  1. Ok heres the Problem.

    I was originally due posting after a two year stint in my unit way back in April 06. The manning for the store is for a Staffy and a Lance-jack (I arrived here as a Crafty and have recently picked up my first).

    My unit told me that there aren't any vacancies for a lance-corporal Tech Storeman anywhere throughout the army, This i find very hard to believe. My TQ understandably is not too willing to let me leave as he knows he will only get a class 3 Cfn as a replacement. On the last production meeting my TQ was told that i will have to stay with this unit in woolwich until next november!!! This isnt what i want or need at all. :evil:

    Can anyone offer advice to get me posted. I am desperate to get to Germany as my last three Preffered Posting Profromas state, But my Knowledge of how the system works is limited and I could use all help offered.

    Many thanks.
  2. deaperate to get to germany just get on the tunnel and drive over mate its easy
  3. Umm yeah cheers for that that. :?

    So no real advise as such then???
    I just feel that ive been sh*t on big style
  4. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    Ah the stores in 16 Regt, what a delight I am sure :D
  5. Dave, do you speak from experience bud???
    location is good but the regiment is a hole and i wanna leave asap.
    two and a half done, one more to go ....RUBBISH!!!!!!! I want to get a tour under my belt.

    Much help needed!!!
  6. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    I was Q 14 Bty a few years back mate
  7. u due iraq soon bud?
  8. or even afghan lol
  9. i do not know how you have lasted that long with the cloud punching gays, best way to top yourself mate, make sure you take some of the bummers with you though
  10. was at good old 16 a few years ago and all i can say is, if your not a tech the powers that be treat you like shit. I'm amazed your TQ is such an ARSE and not helping you out as there's always somewhere to go. Your best bet is to ask for an OC's Interview, if that doesn't work aim higher. Good Luck Mate!!!
  11. So you're saying that the TQ has connived with the OC to keep you in post over your original SOS date without informing you? Bad.

    No vacant Lance-Jack Storeman posts in the ENTIRE Army? Doubtful.

    FFS Does anybody in the REME think this passes for good man management?

    I think you need to address this with your CoC fckuing ASAP.
  12. 2 ways to get posted in a hurry;

    #1 Sign off. On the OC's interview tell him you're losing motivation and becoming mentally stale feeling that you're being held back.
    #2 Bit of pad-shagging (only if #1 is fruitless).
  13. If you have no joy with your CoC, log on to ArmyNet & send a message to REME MCM Div through their portal & see what happens :)
  14. Just a suggestion, why not transfer to the RLC as a supplier and improve your posting options
  15. I have a vcacancy for a Cfn/Lance jack in Herford coming up in April/May 07. Only 1 unit in Herford, do your homework and get a PPP in schnell.
    Good luck. :)