Posting Out Parcels to Afghanistan and Iraq for Support

Guys at Ealing Cricket Club want to send out some Parcels of DVDs, rugby balls, some shirts and toiletries out to Afghanistan and Iraq in appreciation for what the British Army does for this country in Afghanistan and Iraq.

I spoke to British Forces Post Office and we don't mind paying postage etc, but it needs to be sent to a named individual.

I'm not asking people to name names, but if anyone has any advice on the right path to follow here, this would be very much appreciated.

Also suggestion of things to send out would be greatly appreciated. No point sending out something which would be useless.

Thank you for your time and help.
If your parcel weighs less than 2kgs postage is free.


Speak to a local unit that are out there.
Their Welfare/Families Office will point you in right direction.
Sweet things go down pretty well but not chocolate at this time of year, unless you want to experiment with how many shapes a molten wispa bar can be moulded into... Jelly babies (for the wrong 'uns who like jelly babies) and chewy sweets seem to withstand the journey, packets of waffles went down pretty well... books and special interest magazines (new scientist not nuts) are a good idea as they'll get left around and passed along. I did manage to send some music out on a USB stick but if you don't know them that's probably a bad idea. I sent treats and nice things like that because who wants to be the woman sending her beloved sunscreen and socks?
I did hear of one mother who sent pillows to her son...
So yeah, sweets and entertainment.
Oh yes, I also sent loads of granola bars that were individually packaged, easy to pack and didn't take up lots of room. Try to remove as much of the packaging as you can because it just adds weight and bulk. You can also send DVDs i think... you might need to check that out actually
<2Kg is free as was mentioned - the last time I heard of ppl sending packages they had around 60Kg of boiled sweets - candies magazines etc etc everything was split down into 30 individually packaged parcels weighing less than 2Kg and the royal mail delivered the lot free of charge.

As for names you can send parcels to units like the previous post said just get in touch with local units and then post to Admin office xx bty regt sqn etc and they will love you for it.

Its great ppl are showing support and helping out good luck.
Don't forget to include "Baby Wipes" and "Fast Noodles" in all the parcels.
Don't forget to include "Baby Wipes" and "Fast Noodles" in all the parcels.

For the sake of the guys that receive the missus's parcels - for baby wipes read "Man Wipes" :)
We also include cable ties in most boxes, so many uses...

SOS and the area reps do a good job, pity H4H gets all the glory..
As you are Ealing, you could contact the London Regiment TA, Horseferry Road - they have guys over there right now.
A lot of guys (and girls) have personal DVD players, so DVD's are good. Magazines - I send my husband Canal Boat mags each month, he says lots of people have asked for a read, something very British about a canal boat. And motor bike mags. Stuff gets shared around. Haribos, naturally. Opal Fruits, etc. (oh, and a clean pillowcase is nice).

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