Posting orders after promotion board.

What's the process? Is there a specific process that is followed to plot the postings of those who have been selected and how long does it normally take for orders to be sent out.

Just being curious (and waiting for a posting order)


Assignment boards and results are published on the MS Web - you should be able to access it on Dii. Or if you're on a home pooter then log into your Armynet account / go to home page / select 'Career Tab' and you'll find MS Web there. Select 'Regular Soldiers' / 'REME' / 'Assignments' and you'll see a list of boards with rank range and date. It covers Cpl-Sgt up to WO1 assignments.

That'll give you a good idea of when you can expect your board to sit. Your assignment date will be there along with your name if you're on the board. Or it simply might say "Remain in Post".

Also - there's normally two pages - those that have been picked up, and those that have not (referred to as "returnees")
Promoted to Cpl believe it or not :) The world truly has gone mad.

But then I am just a remfy storemen, so who cares.

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