Posting MREs to UK Troops

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by yank_eyetie, Jun 12, 2007.

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  1. 'If I ever see a British soldier in a bar or restaurant, his money won't be any good.....'

    Wow. You look at some of the comments on there, and then at some on the tabloid articles slagging us off, and it really makes you think.
  2. To be fair you get the same response in any pub in the UK.

    "You'er money's no good round here,

    so feck off out my bar you squaddy scum."

    Even more so if your a Jock in Canterbury.
  3. BFPO prohibit sending of food don't they? I think they only allow an exception at Christmas for Christmas cake etc.

    I'm sure some decent teabags would be welcome!
  4. Well no one told my mum that on Telic 1 seeing as she sent me 12 cream eggs that had melted and solidified god knows how many time before I got them. The next parcel had a bag of powdered milk in it (my Dad this time) that had split and had some sort of bio-hazard tape on it when I got it!
  5. I'm fairly sure that the chemical heaters within the MRE packs also prevent them from being sent by air without special handling requirements being in place.
    If the QRL ever work with the Yanks out there, then I'm sure they'll be able to get some MREs for themselves.
  6. MREs have come a looooong way from the indestructable dark brown wrapper variety we couldn't give away to the Brits on our flank back in '91... :D
  7. I'll have the chilli mac if no-one wants it.......

    Yummy :D
  8. Dont think so should have seen the parcels of tinned stuff we used to handle and the amount of buckfast sent over for the RHF!
  9. You could never beat the British Army Compo tins of stewed steak. They used to fill the tin with raw meat and seal it. Then cook it in the tin. It was already cooked when issued just needed heating up. None of the goodness had escaped. You couldn't get better stuff in civvy street.

    I've been out a long time, but I bet they don't issue as good a ration as that nowadays. Why? Because anything good and really useful always gets scrapped doesn't it?
  10. One could argue that this is the main reason why the Civil Service is still in existence...

  11. Christ,

    Brings back memories of Green Eggs and Chilli Mac. It's not the army if you don't have chilli mac.
  12. Used to terrify me to receive a FRAGO that hot-A's were going to be our morning meal while out in the field. Why? Well... that usually meant an hour less sleep and moving several klicks to where the MKT (mobile field kitchen) was located... invariably during incliment weather of course.

    Tactical feeding ensued... ie. each man spaced a few meters apart behind trees and such... sneaking up on food that was already dead and being produced in a large trailor making all sorts of noises with shouting cooks. Holding out a tray to receive one scoop of not quite rehydrated, dehydrated eggs that were puke green in color with bits of powder in them, two links of very suspect sausage that lacked flavor, a very soggy piece of bread, a pint container of on the verge of expiring milk, and a small cup of watered down coffee... Ugh... the food was always disgusting and never enough to actually fill one up.

    Would much rather get the extra hour of sleep, not do the hump, and have an MRE...

    Hmm... you know... memories like this are what remind me that I made a wise decision when my third enlistment was up. :D

  13. I'm not sure when exactly the MRE became standard fare for the army in the field but back in 86' you wanted to hump to the field trains instead of eating that MRE.

    Anyone remember the "Franks and Beans" MRE? The 4 supersize vienna sausage packed in some kind of clear goo with the cheese that looked like curdled milk mixed with mustard?

    Shiver. Then there was the T-Rat. Open that tin of chocolate pudding t-rat that even the coyotes out in Irwin wouldn't touch.

    Best eats ever was overseas at Camp Casey. For sure, or maybe that Airforce base in cali outside san angelos. I don't recall the name but it's the staging area for west coast JTF6.
  14. Was just having fond memories of the ham & chicken loaf MRE... my first Army meal. :x God that stuff was disgusting... my cats eat better smelling chow. How about the formed beef slice in radioactive BBQ sauce, one of our guys held up what looked for all the world like a cow's ******** that he dug out of his meal. The orange cheese spread which separated curd from oil when it was warm... the indestructable crackers which could double as ballistic plates or overhead cover. Oh man... that food was horrific at best... we traded several cases for some Canadian rations while out at Gagetown and those Canucks came looking for us a couple days later with blood in their eyes. :D