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I've tried looking on the Internet and have found different info on the subject in question. I'm hoping someone on here can help me.
Does the falkland island fall into the category of BFPO's that allow parcels to be sent there for free?
Nope. Sorry.
According to MOD website, yes ( Ministry of Defence | Defence For... | The Service Community | BFPO | British Forces Post Office ) BFPO 655 ( BF1 6DU postcodes ) for both islands. Off to bed now, but if I remember tomorrow night, I'll post your Q on royalmailchat, just to see if anyone else from RM can confirm it from ( no point asking a manager95% are as useful as tits on a fish )
Unfortunately, MoD actually says "No". Ministry of Defence | Defence For... | The Service Community | BFPO | Enduring Free Mail Service

Unless, of course, you have one of those big black and white stamps with a number (1 or 2) and two black bars at the top right corner.
Just to be sure, I've posted up your question, and hopefully, I'll even have a link I can pass on to you tomorrow.

TrueBlueTerrier said:
Although it has an BFPO address FI is not an operational posting so standard parcel rates apply

IIRC only Op Herrick currently qualify. (but checking anyway)
Teebs is pretty sound for info ( he's one of the mods on RMC ), and if he finds anything to contradict himself, I'll pass it on....but it looks like if you want free parcel post, you need to risk life & limb

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