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There have been a few posts recently about preference of posting forms and people not getting the postings that they believe that they deserve. Can I put another little slant on this?

On the ASM's board two years ago, a pal of mine came off the board but as he was on leave he didn't get to speak to his desk officer until about a week later. He was then informed that there was only one job available, a desk job in DPA and that all of the other successful candidates had got in first.

Again, last night I was speaking to a pal who didn't come of the Crab board and as such was informed by the LE desk officer in a group email to other unsuccessful candidates of jobs available. Unfortunately after a conversation with his desk oppo he was told that most are already allocated.

So (failing to cut a long story short) why is in this day and age your posting is determined by the phone lottery? Why aren't boards convened and posting preferences resubmitted after revealing where posts need to be filled?

I have never ever spoken to records on my behalf and it annoys me that so many people do. I know that it is apparently acceptable to do so if you are of WO status or above but I believe that it allows a little bit of nepotism to creep into a supposedly professional organisation.
When I first joined up (REME) it was the norm for people to speak to their own trade desk officers to find out what posting were coming up.
Heres a wild idea, instaed of a PPP, how about jobs are advertised at least 6 months before the slot is needed to be filled. Instaed of just putting in a wild card PPP in the hope that a posting comes up where you want it and you are lucky enough to be pulled out the hat. Each candidate formally applys for it i.e. a job application (this could even be for a block of posting i.e. 12 x Cfn Cl 2 VM squat to 1 Royal Flip Flop Regt)- listing why they would be the most suitable candidate and reasons behind wanting to be posted there, Col MCM Div can then see who wants what job and can post in the most suitable and those that actually desire to fill that post. Obviously theres always going to be the fastballs I dont think we will ever get away from that.
Im not REME but should the system not be for all Corp's when your CR is submitted that a PPP should be submitted along with it?

Sort of goes along with what paul2005 was saying.
Only ever had 1 posting i asked for on a PPP. I know what you mean though, first on the phone gets first choice of postings.
I have been asking for a posting to a certain part of the country for some time now, my desk officer tells me its on my scratch pad. Did he pay any attention to it, did he buggers like. Looks like i'm off to the other end of the country instead. Really glad i put a PPP in.
I am sorry but you have more responsibility to manage your own career than the people in charge of you. If you leave your posting until the last minute you will almost certainly get what is left. What do you expect? Not everyone is going to sit back and play the posting lottery. Give your desk officer a ring at least 6 months before you are due posting and see what is available. To wait until the results of a promotion board have been promolgated and then ring is tantamount to posting suicide. Be proactive and do not rely on those above you to manage your career for you. If, subsequently you still do not receive the posting you want at least you have had a hand in the process and you can be sure that MCM have done their best to accomodate you. Slots have to be filled, regardless of people's posting preferences, what you are doing is giving yourself a better chance of getting what you want. Manage your own career, MCM are there to help!!
57Chevy - In the last ten years (since I have been a SNCO) talking to records on your own behalf has been actively discouraged below SSgt level that, however, hasn't stopped quite a few from feathering their own nests. Perhaps I should accept that it is now the norm.

Paul, Me! & Arte - fair points, thanks however this is more about postings immediately after promotion boards have sat and as such posting availability may not be known at the time you submit a PPP.

Pot_Aussie - Read the initial post. This is not about the fact that people aren't looking after their own career, its about the fact that if someone beats you in a phonecall race then you may be out of a posting. Please, if all you are going to offer is a post like, "Get in first" then don't bother, you aren't contributing to a adult topic.

This is based on the fact that as a Corps we do not appear to have any system in place for establishing WO2-Capt postings apart from a first come first served phone call. To me that seems a little unprofessional.

I was wondering if anyone sat in an ivory tower or in a better position than myself to judge had anything to add
LSN's for posts on promotion dont get in to general view till you get to see the list yourself. Therefore your right it's up to you to manage your carear a bit better, but then your 2i/c should let you see the list on the day for release of the board.

Then again you will still be fighting for the few posts available.

As for PPP we stick them in with our CR's when they go to Glasgow so they then know where you would like to go if you do get selected. Again though still in the lottery as its all in the hands of someone else.
Amph! I'm not really sure what you've contributed to the post with your last. You've just stated what Arrse90 siad in his first one.

The point is that somehow senior postings are being dealt with in an incredibly unprofessional manner and that no-one has thought to change it or put a process in place that makes it fair for all.

Anyone from MCM or DEME(A) want to comment?

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