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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by peanut_head, Feb 13, 2007.

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  1. Having had a couple of them now, I have found that 2-year postings seem to be too short, taking into account relocation, getting the kids in school, etc. In the past (before children) however, I used to think that 3-year postings were too long! (Not happy unless I'm moaning!)
    Obviously, everybody's preferences are different according to personal critera at a given gime, so could there be a way as to introduce some kind of 'option' system on receipt of a Posting Order for said Posting to be either 2 or 3 years? I know I would certainly prefer a choice, but realise the amount of extra gash admin this could create for APC-MCM Div.
  2. I like what you are saying. 2 year postings are great for getting junior soldiers exposure to the various postings/units, but later in your career moving every 2 years can be a bit of a pain. It shouldn't be too difficult for MCM Div to manage; they currently have some OPMI(L)s on 2 year tours and others on 3 year tours.
  3. That would certainly suit my needs. Instead of putting in a PPP and hoping for that extension, not knowing what will happen, just put in for 3 years and that's you set.

    And with the option you would be able to take your career in a direction of your choosing.

    However if there were only a minority of chaps taking the 3 year posting that could cause some issues over the "army choice" that could be made by others. Manning may become slightly more complex...
  4. Generally speaking, if you ask for an extension early enough in your tour you tend to get it. It's actually less hassle than posting you!
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