posting help!!

Can anyone help :? ??

I'm due a posting soon, im currently in Germany,
Does anyone know of schools in the UK which have trained teachers to deal with autism?
Im a VM A mech and i want to try and get posted within a catchment area of a school that can help my wee boy.

Sensible answers please.
don't know if it helps but there is a school called Treehouse that specialises in Autism in north London (Highgate) but i wouldn't know if its near a Bk's or not. I just took a quick look on the web
Have you tried contacting any UK autism charities or groups? I should imagine they will have access to a database and may even be able to put their weight behind justification on your PPP should there be a suitable school available. You should also ensure that the system and in particular the Welfare Officer is aware of your situation. Nothing worse than getting a posting or assignment to somewhere completely unsuitable because Manning weren't aware of your need.

Hope you get want you want.
You could try and contact SCEA in the first instance. Your Unit Welfare Officer and RCMO should (must?) be able to help.

Good luck
I know a mate of mine stayed a few years in Warminster as there was a school near by. No idea of the schools name, sorry. He still has a house in Warminster I believe?
Arborfield. What used to be known as the REME Officers School.
8O 8O 8O
Best thing to do mate is talk to the County Councils for areas that you are interested in going, some are more than happy to bend over backwards to help out, some won't give you the time of day, stay away from the latter. as a last resort call CEAS but be careful not to imply that you are definately posted to an area otherwise they will write letters to the world claiming you are posted to an area when in fact you aren't.

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