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One of my muckers back in May expressed his desire to leave the forces after 11 years service once he reached his 11 yr. point so he would qualify for his 12 yr. half pension. He is at an E posting and asked if he could see his last year out, at that posting. He was told he could and both his parent unit and currant CO gave him the all clear that he would get his extension. He is now due to sign off this month giving his 12 months notice. On the basis of what he was told he started to plan his life. He bought a House up North and his wife got a new Job in a branch that allowed her to transfer up north once she had done 12 months with that Branch. There plans for their future were set. She has only been with the job for about two weeks now.
He has now been told he is to return to unit as a replacement is being sent, and he must now go back. The unit is a fair way from the E post location. the unit will only get about 24 weeks out this guy as he has all the useful resettlement entitlement to go through.

He is very peeved as he has stated that he would not have bought a house and his wife would not have left her old job and then got a new job where she could transfer if he was being posted back to unit.
If his wife leaves the job after only a few weeks that leaves a black question mark on her CV and with future employers. If she stays and lives in the Pad he will lose out financially. They have a house up north to pay for but at the moment have put up for rent and a pad and now food and accom if he moves back to unit, not to mention petrol bills up and down the country for want of 24 weeks at unit

Has he got a redress based on the fact that he was told otherwise by his Chain of Command and his preparations for Civi life was based on their word that he was staying?

surly he could be cut some slack on his last year, he did his Ops both in Kosovo, SL and Telic. and has exemplary record
In short, Yes.
But only If your mate can prove he was told an untruth and that both he and his wife suffered detriment as a result of that untruth. It could be a genuine admin cock. If His, now F*cked up plans and decisions based on what he has been told, involve fiscal loss as a result of the untruth/Cockup and he can present that fact. Stick the redress in ASAP and tell him to stick to his guns. He must do it within three months from the date that he was wronged. Im sure if he has a chat and explains the situation, the Cof C have put him and his wife in, things will be done to correct the situation for the better.

He needs to state the detriment that his wife will suffer to her career profile as a result of this cockup, Very important.
What 12 year half pension it doesn't exist, he will however get a Resettlement Grant one off payment.
Paymaster said:
What 12 year half pension it doesn't exist, he will however get a Resettlement Grant one off payment.
Yep I know,just a slip of the key board. He is just working for 6K Resettlement Grant one off payment. Thanks He has done just that. He has witnesses to the fact that he was told he was staying put by his boss :wink:

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