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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by worm-on-a-stick, Feb 16, 2005.

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  1. Hi guys,

    I am a third year nurse, formally a CMT looking for a bit of advice over my posting options. Please don’t slag me off for changing badges I’ve heard it all, but I really would like some help.

    First let me say that I whish to specialise in trauma and so, to this end I will be carrying out my final placement in an A&E department (this shows my area if interest) so my posting preference will be directed at a MDHU.

    Now Catterick I really, really do not whish to go to so that leaves Birmingham where the post grad team are now based as well as a good military burns team, Portsmouth where a burns team / unit is beginning to be formed (Hasler was designed a few years back to be used as the military burn centre but it never happened and Hasler is still closing down), Northern Ireland where I know they experience a lot of trauma or Portsmouth who has the busiest A&E in the South.

    I know I can’t specialise into burns until 18 mounts post graduation and I must complete my consolidation of practice.

    Glasgow will look at my last 3 postings; Aldershot (Keogh, Phase 2), Tidworth and RDMC (back to Phase 2) and will probably not let me stay in the South, however even if they do by the time my tour is up the burns team in Portsmouth (hopefully) will be up and running which would make the setting ideal for me to spend a further tour but I know Glasgow will not let me stay in one area for 3 tours.

    I am a keen and green solider having done operational tours in the past and wish to get back out into the field.

    Birmingham has a Critical care degree option that lasts 18 mounts so would be ideal for me as a second tour as it covers a 6mounth rotation in burns, A&E, and HDU.

    I think therefore that I am tied to request Birmingham then NI and possibly Aldershot, however I can also request a field unit. To this end, it would be Close Support as I am experienced in this area and hold my 432 Dvr / Cdr License. If I am to list this, it shows Glasgow my ‘green side’ but I may get it, end up getting no consolidation of practise, and land myself stuck in a training wing!

    That’s it,
    Any advice or suggestions will be greatly received.
  2. you actually dont know a lot then!! serious trauma in NI goes to the civi hospitals.
  3. followed by
    first of all you need to make your mind up.

    your first posting will be to one of the MDHUs, youll then get sent on a tour as they like all newly qualifieds to go away (yeah yeah youve been on tour before, but remember, not as a nurse, and thats what counts now youve changed trades), then youll get a posting to a field unit, where youll wonder why you spent 3 years training to be a nurse only to find yourself doing the same things that you did as a CMT, painting boxes, putting up tents etc.... except nobody will care that you used to be one of them as youre now a split-arrse and youll be talked to like youre special needs. there you go, a nursing career in the army summed up in one post :D
  4. You need to learn how to be a nurse before thinking about specialising. Put in for where you would rather live and if you have a good reason for wanting to be in a particular area then let Glasgow know on your posting preference sheet. I reccomend at least a year doing general nursing or a rotation if you go to Portsmouth like me. Wherever you go you will be a busy nurse when you hit the wards so stand by. Good luck, P&B.

    P. S. A few of the nurses that graduated with me (DNC 9/99) are at field units and FF's description of their role sounds rather familiar from what they have told me.
  5. I'm also ex CMT to RGN (1987 Vintage) & now working as H Grade in Civvy land NHS thingy.

    My tuppence worth is not to rush into specialising too quickly - once youre pigeonholed in that cozy wee speciality then you might find that you're stuck there for the rest of your puff, even if you get sick of it after a couple of years.

    Chill out, enjoy yourself & get a couple of years experience in as many different areas as you can before heading down a single path towards the bright light. The experience you get will serve you well in the long run.

    Even more importantly than that.....remember to skive at every opportunity - youre a split-arse handbag now and its expected of you......dont let the side down :p

    As for postings - BMH Berlin is great..........................................................what................................................when did it shut??
  6. I know MDHU Northallerton is just setting up a rotaion package for newly qualified nurses, which sounds quite good as it includes time on the ortho/ trauma unit, surgical ward, ITU and MAU.
    NI, you have two hopes of seeing trauma as FF stated earlier. And a field unit for your first posting probably wont happen either.
    I spent 6 years in Gosport, so you may get lucky and manage a third posting down there.
    Good Luck with what ever you decide.
  7. thanks for advise but...

    I'm quite happy to sit back and enjoy myself as a nurse for a while but i'm worried that my first posting will cause problems in the future when i whish to progress.

    I know that I will be at the bottom of the pile and the people in Glasgow don't care where they send us but when I do whish to 'spred my wings' i may be hampered. Pompey is a good area to learn in especially as there is still a stong post grad team in place (for the time) but I know people that heve wanted to specilise in A&E whilst in Pompy and have been ijnored and had the normel rotation put upon them... mabey Birmingham is my better first option as if I get it I could stay there for a second tour?
  8. Worm,

    I take it like most new graduates, basic spelling and grammar is no longer in the learning curriculum.

    I Understand by the way that if you wished to be posted to MDHU Portsmouth from 01 April 05 that you could be posted to all three of the Hospitals,including Haslar,which now looks likely to remain open and run by the NHS until 2010.
  9. Scarey, isn't it, that this is the new style 'academic' nurse, brimming with degrees, who seem to spend more time on 'personal development' and study days than on the wards, and yet without basic literacy skills.
  10. IS this a free for all at Nurses now.....can I join in??? And if anybody slates my spelllingg, theen ya cann all frig off :twisted:
  11. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    I thought that was standard for DMS officers!