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Good evening
this might not be the right forum topic but I got lost and nearly smashed the laptop up.
I have been told im posted like a lot of people in my unit bummer, im a ALCPL due to no place on my CLM again like a lot of us lads and ladys... with this new posting and with my extension of my acting rank will I go as a Lcpl or will I go as a pte im lost and with out words a small bit up set.

please someone must know somewhere what will happen there then

thanks all for reading

King 4 Hill
Your not a Dog Handler at Melton Mowbray are you? Responsible for reading instructions on flea powder/dog food?
King, has anyone actually bid for a course for you? You might need to be a little proactive here, find the course dates yourself sit down with your boss and agree some dates that suit you and your unit. You have 12 months to get your PNCO in from the time of wearing your tape. An extension can be granted but only if there's a good reason why you haven't yet completed it.

You should go as an ALCpl, your assignment order should have the detail. If you do not complete PNCO in time you will be deselected for promotion and will have to fight it out again on the next year's board.
Iv been told there is only one place for this course and its pretty full then there is unit stuff coming up tours and other good stuff..
7 clicks to freedom think

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If it's an op tour your OC can apply for an extension so you can do the course when you get back.

My advice would be to complete the course at the earliest opportunity but it's your career and you don't seem too arsed about it. Perhaps you should sign off and let someone who's a little more motivated take your place.
Spaz I was at the start then got fucked over a lot and well treated like shit. So might of lost my way. Worked bloody hard to get my rank and then you get posted and well. Treated like poo. I ask every day there's people in the same boat in my unit of the same bored.

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looks like a lot of people I know is having the same problem. iv got a mate who is a army chef he has just told me hes worried about the same thing and cant see his workflow but been told to chill out by his boss... il take his advice I think.... on a note why cant all the bosses be like that. Just put people at EASE my mate seems chilled about it and well the cooks where hit the hardest so im happy thanks all for your support
If you're hitting a brick wall at your current unit ensure you raise it at your initial interview at your new one. If your current CoC are shithouses they may be chinning you off as they now see you as someone else's problem. What cap badge are you?

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