posting drama - claiming of a spouse


Anyone know if you can claim your spouse? I am having difficulties at home and finding stuff hard, my hubbie is in ni me in uk (both army) i have 3 years where i am as i was looking at being md but due to a great CO i have been kept for the next 3 years. We have been trying to get my hubbie posted since i had a major life changing op in 08, we have tried absolutly everything and his place are still dragging its heels, it is so bad that when i was in hosp for an emergency op, he was allowed in the end when my CO got involved but still his place dragged thier heels with allowing him home, and then he had to work 60 miles away so not only was he getting up at 0500 every morning and getting in at 2100 (was doing PDT briefings and stuff), he then had to help me shower (due to injury couldnt get in and out shower bend more then 60 degrees) and make tea, i felt so sorry for him. I am getting angry with his place it seems they just dont want to post him although in 08 he was promoted and told we need you for afghan but you will be posted after the tour, we have no room for you when we get back,which was absolutly fine with us, now its a year later and nothing, he has spoken with his RCMO and i have spoken to mine who is more proactive and talked to manning records, but still nothing, my unit have tried everything. To add insult to injury one of the lads from his place has just turned up here, same cap badge and trade as hubbie. So my question is can you claim a spouse like you used to beable to claim a sibling? Have looked through QR's and could not find anything.

thank you

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