Posting after trade training?

Discussion in 'REME' started by Little_Butch, Jan 5, 2011.

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  1. Start basic at Bassingbourne on the 3rd April and then I gather I'll be moving onto Bordon to do my trade training but where will I be once I've completed trade training? Or Is this something that you just get told nearer the time?

    Cheers, Leon.
  2. Whats your trade?

    You can ask for a certain area, but its your first posting, youll just get told where your going.
  3. Vehicle Mechanic.
  4. And IIRC your first posting is now 4 years, so choose wisely!
  5. Oh right, so you get to choose?
  6. Well you get to put a posting preference in on JPA, which Glasgow will no doubt ignore, and send you and your class 3 ass wherever needs a shiny new crafty.

    WJPs top tip - try and get a 1st line unit as your first posting!

    Germany is the place to go while you still have the chance!
  7. Oh right I see, cheers for your help!
  8. Get a first line posting in Germany, learn the lingo beforehand, then get yerself downtown to bang all the local fanny.
  9. I like that reply Wonk_Mog.. Short and straight to the point! If only I'd have listened more In my German classes at School now, might make pulling the locals a tad easier..

    How long untill you get your first posting roughly? From start of Basic..

  10. As I remember it very few of the guys ever bothered to learn the lingo. This was a big mistake on their parts. Look at the number of divorcees in the WO pool. That is down to the fact that as young men they relied upon going home on leave (this is pre internet), meeiting up with the bint they had known all their lives or some bint they had poked some saturday night and the next thing they were married, in the patch, she gets bored so he gets her to bang out a few sproggs. He goes off on tour, she gets bored again so the rear party or the reg next door get invited around to bang her and the cycle goes on and on. But if you learn the lingo you can happily knock around with the local fanny and the money you will save whilst the rest of the singlies are whoring it up might actually ensure you have a good time.

    To answer the second question, you will need to speak to somebody still serving. It used to be a few weeks after your last trade exams, but with the overstretch nowadays..............
  11. As a class 3 vm, you have more choice over where you can go, as every reme lad/bat could need cfr ph3, so you have more chance getting where you want that any other class or rank! as these are more desirable in different usits, so glasgow will send you where you are needed.
  12. the posting preferences at phase 2 (bordon) are filled out on a peice of paper, and then the oc/co/csm sends them off, then you find out where you get from platoon orafice.

  13. The posting preferences at Bordon are filled out on loose sheets of the notebook belonging to the relevant Company's passed-over fullscrew, and then the passed-over Company Stripey puts them directly in the bin, then you find out where you get via a phone call from the unit clerk asking why the **** you haven't tipped up yet.
    Christmas duties optional.
  14. That does not still happen surely. I thought passed over ****** full screws were a thing of pre 1993.
  15. Oh I resemble that remark....Ill let you know in over 12 years on and off I spent in Deutchland I learnt the lingo

    Ein Bier Bitte, pomme frittes mit mayo and sweibel

    As said your course will get 12 postings and they will look at the 12 PPPs you all put in and try and match Major N's left MCM its no longer a send them to the opposite posting they asked for.