Posting Advice needed...

I wander if anyone could help me, as i'm a tad naive to the system when i comes to subjects like this...
...Ok, I've been in my unit for four years now, last year i ws extended for another year due to the lack of 432 commanders. Now that that year is up, i'm really keen to get out to a diffrent unit. I've handed a triple P in nto my chain of command, and earlier on today my troop commander told me that he will pass it up but it is unlikely that i'll get anything come through as the OC is eager to keep me for the upcoming tour early next year (which doesnt finish till september NEXT year!)
Is the OC allowed to do this, or has he got some loopholes that he's working with.Is there anything i can do to help me get a posting ASAP or am i destined to stay at this regiment for a total of 5 years???
Any advice would be appreciated, thanks x
Tell Troopie you would like an interview with the RCMO, then watch him start squirming.

The RCMO should be able to give you advice on postings etc, (Thats his job!). In the RE first tour is 3-5 years so that you get time to get first stripe.

Cool ,thanks. No i have my first stripe i'm in the RAMC if that makes any diffrence...
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