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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by whitemouse75, Jan 21, 2006.

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  1. greetings all,
    i am at that beautiful moment in my training when the MDHU's are about to come to birmingham to give a presentation on why we should choose them (as if we get the choice) as the graduation ball is only 6 months away!

    initially i had selly oak down as first choice, but after getting sick of all the thieving brummies trashing my car etc, i decided that frimley would become no.1 on the dreamsheet. however, most nurses i speak to at SOH dont have a good thing to say about frimley, so i'm looking to you professional nursey types to give me some pros and cons to help me make an informed decision.

    i am married if that makes any differance, extremely interested in getting into a&e when the opportunity arises and like a bit of sport/phys.

    looking forward to all your many responses....... :wink:
  2. Check your PM’s
  3. replied thanks! i think i know someone on your ward too....
  4. Frimleys alright, youll get a chance to deploy and get you adventure training in as well as doing your ITDs.
    Youll work on a civvie ward as they no longer have Martin Leake or Chavasse wards.
    Quartered at RMAS or if youre unlucky Aldershot.
  5. i spent 3 months at frimley after my board to get "caring" experience, which was ok, but i wouldnt like to think i'd got 3 years on martin leake to look forward to!

    what is the set-up there now then?

    after a cohort brief this morning we basically got told that its frimley, northallerton or portsmouth for us, forget birmingham.
  6. All nursing staff are spread across the hospital, in most of the wards. Its not bad, youll get put into a Regt Team, they have teams days every month, theres one on today, this morning they are doing some classroom ITDs and this afternoon they are clay pigeon shooting.

    If youre at the open day on the 14th Ill see you there.
  7. if you mean the one at forward i'll be there. i take it you are at frim then? hope you are going to impress me with your presentation, as its looking favourite at the mo!