POSTING - 2 or 3 Years?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by peanut_head, Feb 17, 2007.

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  1. Would you prefer a two year posting?

  2. Would you prefer a three year posting?

  1. As per THE_EDITOR's opinions, please vote on the above:
  2. 3 years without a doubt. All bar 2 of my postings in the last 19 years have been 3 years. Allows you to get the family settled, have stability and get the wife out to work for longer!
  3. If only they were 3 years. My 3 years in Lincolnshire turned into nearly 6.
  4. Is that because you found it that good? Loved the job and the people that you worked with!!!!
  5. Similarly, I had a 3-year tour that turned in to 5. Something that I put down to an idle twat at Glasgow.
  6. Count yourself lucky mate.
    It's far better than the flip side of the coin, where they decide to have an internal reshuffle within a Bn, and you find yourself moved (through no fault of your own, I hasten to add) to the other end of the country.
    Happened to me 3 times in my career, including one that involved trying to get a new quarter without a posting order.
  7. On the plus side, you can get picked up for promotion and moved after 11 months!

    Not something CR has to worry about though! ;)
  8. Hey - there is always the HDU or whatever its called and then its 3 followed by another 3 and a quick extension of another 3 followed by reposting for 3 more; that is if you pass the course.......
  9. High Dependency Unit??? My Mum works on that as a nurse... It's where all the patients with serious brain injuries go...

  10. No silly it's the High Def Unit. Everyone who's posted there gets a splendid new flat screen telly by way of compensation.
  11. Or being paid obscene amounts...
  12. No, its now stuck in my head as the High Dependency Unit...good call G2LB
  13. Does that mean that all people in it require their nether regions wiping as they can do it themselves ??
  14. That as well as having a normal brain scan gives you an TLA of NFN...

    Normal for Norfolk!