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Discussion in 'RLC' started by skintboymike, Nov 22, 2006.

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  1. Hi all,

    I've recently been approved to transfer to Postal and Courier Operator, and am due to start my trade training as soon as my unit can pull it's finger out with the course bid. I expect to fill out a PPP on my course, and more than likely have a posting sorted out towards the end of it. I'd like to be posted in Germany to save messing around since I'm already here, but don't know where the main Squadrons are located, or indeed any of the smaller out stations. I'm based in JHQ, so I'm aware of 99 Sqn. Could anyone give me any info on all the other Sqn locations within BFG?


  2. Alles über der platz, like where they send my fcuking mail.

    P.S. Are you a lesbian? If so you will fit in well.
  3. Looks like Bielefeld (for Germany) or South Cerney (for your bags as you deploy world wide) Suggest you get a load of bins together and start practising your sorting skills by seeing if you can throw individual playing cards into your chosen bin. Just for realism why not write "fragile" on them before throwing!!
  4. Not many posties on here then....
  5. I can't help it, I feel I have to give a serious reply. Posties go everywhere the Army has mail delivered. Keys locations are, from memory;
    South Cerney
    London (Mill Hill)
    Dets in all the other German garrison locations
    The Falklands
    etc, etc

    I remember being on det with the RAF in Italy and meeting a postie Sgt at Aviano air base. He was living on generous allowances and had no real boss. In fact, my memory is returning, the postie girl in Gioia del Colle was a LCpl. She had to live in a hotel and earned a Kosovo medal for eating pizza for four months. The posties probably do mail for all RAF dets and the RAF travel all over the world.

    They do actually get in quite a lot of travel, rarely live in trenches and the job can't exactly be hard.

    For the record, I am not a postie.
  6. Bet you end up in mill hill mate loads of posties getting spamed for there.
  7. Quotes like this swung me towards the postie trade in the first place. Italy sounds good, although not very probable. Places like that were always for the golden children in my trade, I'm sure it's no different with posties.
  8. hi i was a postie between 90-95 so was in the wrac abd the re then the rlc its hard work but its a close nit trade i belive the mains areas are jhq where i was though it want the depot then and gutsolh is a good postie the posties in the smaller camps are normally a pte l/cpl or cpl and a sgt so u can go anywhere its good lots of paperwork and hard lifting if ur not afarid of hard work u will enjoy it

    at the time i was in the army there ratio to men and women in the postal corps was more women hence we were all called lebians but honstley there are loads of straight ones too

    obvisaly who wrote the last post was a victem of a bad realtionship i hope you enjoy the posties

    just try to learn as many bfpos num as possbile as u do get tested on your trade course good luck :D
  9. On your b3 course you dont have to know all bfpos no more.
  10. Obvious your not a postie then! a bit like saying all you do on a B3 dvrs cse is drive and count blankets as a supply spec.

    If your lucky to get posted out to a det then its more enjoyable long hours I used to do around 45-50 hrs per week starting at 06.45 and finisshing around 16-1700 hrs on the plus side there was no weekend dutys on camp or stag 8) . If your single then try and get one of the ex&op's sqns plenty opertunities to travel oversea's and there the Falklands/Asension island as well
  11. like i said i was a postie in 90-95 where u did need to the most bfpos or you would get yelled at for mis sorts also i helped if you ever work in locations which i did in germany
  12. The main Sqns in Germany are:

    98 :twisted: - Gutersloh (Ex & Ops)
    99 :D - Rhein'd (South BFG)
    30 :p - Bielefeld (North BFG)

    But why stick to Germany when you can go to 89 PC Unit who cover all NATO HQ's throughout Europe.

    Yes I am a postie, and proud of it.
  13. yeah but that's a part of the "golden triangle" and not normally up for grabs :D
  14. do there still do the 54 hours disco in jhq they were so cool lol aslo dont forget there is the post room in the big house lol

    loved the worked though doing the sat duties in the depot doing the damm final labels were a drag

    oh and trying to balance in the rle and losing a a ff49 gawd you nealry cryied lol

    only thing i hated was doing craps at the end of shift i was good at it so got to do nealry every day grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr lol

  15. I hope you were better at sorting letters than you are at spelling!!