posthumous medal protocol

hello, my grandad is supposed to be posthumously awarded an artic (i think) star for russian convoys during WW2, we were wondering what the protocol is for having it mouted (or indeed not mounted) on his study wall.
can anyone shed some light on this subject?
I wouldn't have thought there would be any protocol at all mate! If he's earned it, display it and be proud of it. A well overdue medal in my opinion.
Depends on when his service he earned it, if he qualified before his Atlantic star then it will be mounted before.
At the end of the day cadethopeful, it's a recognised award and be proud of your granddad. I also beleive, though stand to be corrected, that you may yourself wear it on the right breast at events as a representative of your grandfather, for instance Remembrance Day parades etc. It seems to be a contenscious issue here on Arrse however I think most on here would agree that if worn representing a person who's earned it, then it's being worn for the right reasons.

Great shame your grandfather isn't around to receive it though I'm sure he'd be very proud of you remembering it.

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