Postgraduate scholarships?


I completed my first degree last year and was an active member of the UOTC. I intend on attempting to join the army as a regular officer but wish to complete further study before I go for it. I am aware of bursaries for Undergraduates but was wondering if anyone is aware of any Postgraduate awards? I have an unconditional offer for an MSc at the London School of Economics and Political Science. I will do the MSc somehow, and attempt AOSB, but thought I may as well see if anyone is aware if there is a slim chance of such an award (especially before I go to the Army careers adviser and make a fool of myself).

I have never heard of a postgraduate bursary scheme. You can find out about sponsorship in general at this link which is for undergraduates.

The Army offers some Masters level courses either full time, part time or through distance learning. Usually this takes place after a few years service has been completed, but I know at least one person who started one within a few years of completing the CC. It is a matter of prioritisation of the limited resources where the Army is concerned. There is nothing to stop you from applying once you are in. You can only try.


I think your best bet would be to crack on with the MSc and apply to join the army in tandem with that. There's no reason to delay either at this stage. If you pass AOSB you can time your entry to Sandhurst for after you get the MSc and, in the meantime if money is severely short, you can carry on with the OTC or join a TA unit which will bring a little cash in.

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