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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Baddass, Feb 4, 2004.

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  1. I've noticed that there are several former prolific posters who do not appear to be with us any more. Where are they now? I for one would like to know where Sniperbird is. Does anyone know? If so, please ask her to get in touch.

    Are there any old posters which you'd like to contact.
  2. Yeah, Leeeeanne. I want to suck her tits.
  3. ok, seen Sniperbirds pics on that faceparty thing, shes bloody STAB AGC. get it though.
  4. A bit rough, but has that deeerty thing about her, like you know she takes it up the arrse sort of thing.

    Sad as fcuk that she is a Walter though. God , you just know she's gonna bore the arrse of the first pub she goes in on her return with stories of 'killing a million Indians' and 'when my gun jammed, etc, etc,'. I've seen load of bloke saddos and there's a few on this site.....but even this is a first for me.

    Some of the comments were howlers.

    Sorry, I wouldn't do her. I'd be scared in case she said she was going to slip her 'webbing' and stockings on and turned up in CEFO and a pair of gaiters.

    Sad as fcuk. I'm not to sure whether I feel sorry for people like that or whether I hold them in contempt.

    Did anyone notice if she had para wings or a dettol dagger on?
  5. It would be nice if she were here to defend herself do you not think?

    Continue down this avenue and I'll lock the thread.
  6. It would be nice if she had a defence. Lock the thread if you want pal.

    If you are so upset about it, delete the thread.
  7. Keep it open. I want them both to know I want to suck their tits.
  8. The problem here as I see it is, that there are double standards being applied here Flash. Weren't you happy to attack BB in a manner which was by far more severe than my assault on SB........who, if you care to read the previous posts between us, is not only a fellow gobsh*te, but has really set herself up for people like me to take the piss out of. Go and have a look at the website SHE HAS IDENTIFIED HERSELF on. All I've done is highlight the issue as I do feel that there is a level of sadness attached to it.

    Now, before you go trotting off to the COs pointing fingers at me......have a REAL look at some of the recent posts which have developed into slagging sessions. I'm not always the initiator, despite what others may say. But hey, I'm big enough to take sh*t as well as give. I'm just a bit sharper than your average bear.

    Personally though I care not a jot about your opinion. You have no right to criticise anyone on this site. I have a dig to wind up and annoy people. I think that I've annoyed quite a few of you and long may I reign. You Flash, my old boy, applied such a sustained and venomous attack on BB, that you really are a joke telling anyone else to wind their necks in.

    Like I said, if you don't like it.....delete it. No one really gives a toss.
  9. Anyone got a URL for where she identified herself? (and also, is it safe to look at from work?)

  10. Go to and do a search for her username
  11. Deary me - what was she thinking? I feel somewhat embarrased for her...
  12. do you think that it may be a little indiscrete of her to show herself in uniform on a public forum ? security risk mmm possibly lowish
  13. No more indiscreet than an article I saw in Runners World a couple of years ago with several members of the Int Corps identifying themselves as such..... :roll:

    I'd do her, but purely out of malice :twisted:
  14. Fcuk off !! I'm first ! You can have seconds.
  15. I doubt very much whether any of what Sniperbird has put onto the faceparty site could be construed as a 'security risk'. The only use to which information like that could be put by a hostile organisation would be in either interrogating her or recruiting her, and I doubt whether she's an active target for either activity, in view of the fabulous opportunities elsewhere.
    Although anyone should be very wary of allowing personal information onto the net, there's a line between doing so in the full knowledge of the possible consequences - and being able to deal with them - and paranoia. Of course, she may not be fully aware of the possible consequences, but it remains her choice and responsibility if she does do it. And it really isn't anybody else's business, unless she endangers them too.