Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL)

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by ash_p, Jan 19, 2011.

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  1. Hi, I'm in phase 2 at the moment. Yesterday before PT my knee all of a sudden felt oddly stiff while I was getting ready. I strethed my leg out and there was a pop/crack sound (like when you click one of your knuckles) and my knee went sore. I did PT (fartlek training) and afterwards it was quite sore and stiff and felt like it was slightly giving way when walking normally. Woke up this morning and it wasn't really sore, just a bit swollen. Walked normally throughout the day and the swelling went down a bit and it loosened up. Had a med appointment this afternoon and he said it sounds like the PCL. I'm off all PT, etc. for a week and having a check up next Monday. He said if it shows no signs of getting better I may have to go see an orthopedic surgeon for an MRI. He did say it was fairly common in young soldiers though.

    It isn't really that sore, and doesn't feel as though I've totally done it in, but how likely is it that this may result in a MD from the Army?

    Any info would be really appreciated
  2. I'm afraid I don't know anything about PCL injuries and I'm not a medical type.

    This is one of those things where worrying isn't going to help. Just follow the MOs instructions and try not to worry about the what ifs too much, though I know it's easier said than done.
  3. Cheers. Yeah it's just the waiting is the killer. There was (is) a lad at phase 1 who started early 2010 and on final fling (week 12) he fractured his leg and popped a tendon off the bone. He passed out with his troop but stayed at Phase 1 on rehab and has been there for around 8 months just on rehab and nothing else. He has actually seen 3 new intakes come and go in his old troop! I'd imagine that his injuries are far worse than mine, and mine feel relatively minor (to me anyway), if they think I should be MD'd, could I appeal and put forward his case? He has had multiple operations on his knee, so surely a bit of rehab my way, if needed, shouldn't be too much of a big deal?

    Apologies for the worrying... but it is worrying! I love my job and it would kill me to get the boot..

  4. G'Day Ash_P

    This injury of yours.
    1. I'm no medic.
    2. Check this site and others. (Posterior Cruciate Ligament Injury)
    3. It does specifically note that the usual cause is severe impact. You don't mention that that occurred, so with luck you may have a lesser injury. Initial diagnoses where there is soft tissue swelling can be difficult, so wait for the full SP when the swelling's gone down and the vet can see everything properly.

    Best of luck

    Old Rat
  5. Thanks for the link Ratty22, good read. Definitely wasn't an injury caused by impact, however the pft run right after may have exacerbated it slightly.

    Bit of an update:
    Woke up today and swelling had gone down quite a bit, walked normally on it all day even going up and down stairs and did some work in the QM's stores doing some light lifting, etc. and it still wasn't stiff or sore. Swelled up a little bit towards the end of the day but not massively. The only time I really notice that it isn't quite right is when getting up from a chair/couch and use that knee to get myself up, but apart from that it feels better. Doesn't have that 'giving way' sensation as I had slightly on the afternoon I picked the injury up. I've been taking ibuprofen pills and using a bit of ibuprofen gel on the area as well. Going to ask the physio/MO tomorrow for some ice packs for over the weekend.
  6. You may have had a Bakers cyst which sits in the hollow at the back of your knee. They're harmless but they can rupture, often with a loud pop. Follow the advice you're given but don't assume the worst. Fingers crossed for a quick recovery. My son had one that burst during a rugby match, he nearly blacked out from the pain and threw up but 10 minutes later was back on, just had residual tenderness and a bit stuff and puffy for a day or 2
  7. Sounds like something that could be fairly likely in my situation, but obviously there's no ruling anything out. There was a loud pop/crack sound and then it was sore if I went into a mild squatting position (trying to work the joint) and kneeling on the joint. Could be that if it was a cyst it randomly got trapped in the joint and when I stretched my leg out it burst? Thanks for the info, I'll ask the MO.
  8. Good luck. If it IS worst case and you've done the ligament, don't rush the recovery.
  9. Ash_P

    Check PMs

    Old Rat
  10. Thanks all, I managed to get a couple of ice packs from the med centre today so will use them over the weekend. Knee has felt fine today. Not perfect, but not sore/stiff/uncomfortable, and only slightly swollen as I'd been doing more work in the QM's today grrr ;)
  11. Quick update:
    Knee is sorted! Just rested it over the past week. Well, I did go on a 3 day ex and it held out just fine. On the chit till Sunday so looking forward to getting stuck into PT again from next week. Thanks again to all those who gave advice, much appreciated!