to take on SKY & other non-BFPO companies

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PostedOverseas, Jul 9, 2006.

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  1. Hi Everybody

    In the future we will be starting a campign against companies who do not deal with BFPO addresses such as:
    National Lottery
    Any other companies that our users let us know about.

    To join our campaign or be kept informed about our progress either subscribe for free membership or join our newsletter.

    We will be using a number or media including National radio and newspaper campaigns to make people aware that every day soldiers are fighting for their country and companies such as SKY will not even provide the facility to use their service without a UK address, this means that countless married quarters are either paying inflated rates via third parties or using UK addresses they are no longer at leading to possible fraud and identity theft.

    It is companies like this and any other company that refuses to even consider delivering items to or supplying services to BFPO addresses that we will be approaching once we have enough support.

    Become a member today and help to show the UK that servicemen posted overseas need and deserve the same level of service that UK households do.

    To find out more details visit our campaign page.

    Thanks in advance,
    John Evans
  2. Thanks mate,
    I'm after links like that, and it will be via these sort of means that I will be hoping to make some waves and change the way that a few companies think.

    I'll save the links and will use them as soon as I have a large enough user base to make a difference.

    If anyboy knows of any companies that don't deliver to BFPO addresses or refuse to supply BFPO addresses with services then either post a reply on here or email me at[email][/email]

    Thanks again,
  3. Many years ago, i logged a complaint with sky because they wouldnt continue to provide me a sky service to a BFPO address. I got a phone call back from the complaints department who explained that given the choice, they would quite happily provide cards to people in mainland Europe although they couldnt provide the installaiton services etc (by not doing so, they were losing a great deal of revinue). The main problem, she explained, was that Sky were only licensed to provide satellite telly services in UK and Ireland and it would be illegal for them to provide them elsewhere and the fact that BFPO was based in Mill Hill doesnt satisify the legal arguement.

    Might just be flannel, but that was from the horses mouth.
  4. I believe it is still correct, Sky can only legally provide services to the united kingdom
  5. It's a bit like BFBS telly and The Champions League. They can't show it in Germany or Cyprus because it is licenced to a German / Cypriot TV provider who (quite rightly) get their t*ts out. It does mean that folks in ISO dets like The Falklands can't see it.
  6. Right, I get ya,
    So if I can't take it up with SKY, who would I take the campaign to to get BFPO addresses added to the license (as well, or god forbid, even working in conjuction with SKY).
    Has anyody got any ideas? If not I'll contact SKY when the campaign begins and get their advice.
  7. I'd contact Sky - its not that they dont provide services because they dont want to, the're obeying the law. I expect it would be the same if we still had German Soldiers at Castlemartin etc, who wanted to watch german satellite services in UK. Providers are only licensed to provide in certain places no matter how far afield the signal is scattered. I expect you would be on a loser persueing it, but it cant hurt to ask.
  8. IIRC, I don't think that Sky are that bothered anymore and I think the rules have changed. That is why Messes can have Sky. I know a couple of people that have given BFPO addresses to Sky.
  9. Somewhat ironically the Which consumer bookshop will not recognise a BFPO address
  10. Cheers,
    I'll add them to the list as well, although as you point out, it is ironic as they are one of if not the biggest campaigner for consumer rights.

  11. I have repeatedly enquired from the far-east & they haven't the decency to answer!

  12. Anyone with a UK bank account & access to the internet can play online; I've done so from Asia for 3 years:)
  13. Hi mate,
    Thanks for that, that was one from one of my users, I guess I should have checked it out first.
    I'm still gonna take on SKY though, if it is a license problem I will do all I can to get the terms of the license changed, we are on UK soil after all.
  14. How about including expats in all this? As a UK citizen without a UK address or bank account there's a lot of things i can't get or have access too purely because of red tape.

    For example. No problems in renewing my passport with the embassy here but exchanging my old paper driving licence for one of the new ones? Sorry, no UK address no can do.

    TV. I'd willingly fork out for UK TV, it's not as if i'm out of the appropriate sattelite's footprint but the current situation pretty much gives me no alternative than to seek 'other means'. I'll be interested to see what happens in the near future as IP TV starts to make it's mark.

    the national lottery too. Should be open to all UK citizens, again there's no technical reason it couldn't be.

    It seems strange, the UK, formely with territories across the globe, yet a great many companies and services struggle with the concept of expats and Brits living abroad.