campaign, How many SKY systems outside UK

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by PostedOverseas, Jul 26, 2006.

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  1. Hi everybody,
    I am just getting my first bit of correspondence ready to go to SKY and I'm just after a little ammo from you guys.

    I'm after some SWAG s to these figures:

    Number of SKY systems in BFG
    Number of SKY systems outside UK

    Also, what other countries out there can get sky

    Any extra ammo I have will help.
  2. Here in Stavanger all the Brits (HMF) have Sky, so thats about 80 sets. You need a large dish though, and things can get very patchy when it snows!

    However, a matelot has just been posted in whose wife used to work for Sky in the UK. She claims that Sky have no problem with BFPO receiving programs, as long as your account (and I imagine that means the bank account that pays for the subscription) is registered to a BFPO address, ie. it is not registered to the accomodation address.

    Worth checking out, in case you're pushing against an open door! :wink:
  3. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I used to work for Sky until last month (new job!) & we did installs in the various Barrack Blocks on camp.The only was a Squaddie could get Sky in a accomodation block is by paying £25.00 for a no-phone line install or free sat for £150.00.I gather the are a lot of Sky systems in Spain,which Sky are NOT too happy about!

    Oh,you might want to check out - (listings for all satellite stuff)

    (I think those adresses are correct,but I'd google them if you have no luck)

  4. I have not checked in any great detail on this so I am willing to stand corrected, but there is a chance that we could shoot ourselves in the foot on this.

    Receiving Sky outside UK is not allowed under the terms and conditions of the contract - there may be more to resolving the matter than a simple change of conditions, there is an amount of legislation to consider (Wireless and Telgraphy, Sattelite, Transmissions Acts etc).

    If the matter goes to Sky and all goes through on the nod - then we have a victory, if it goes the other way then SSO's could be directed to remove sattelite dishes from MQ's etc.

    Like I say - I am shooting from the hip on this one, but if we say nothing then we receive a service, Sky get their money, everyone's happy (apart from the MOD as it is probably against the law to receive unathorised sattelite signals and certainly a breach of contract with the service provider)