Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by TRAZTAZ, Apr 1, 2008.

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  1. Some advice saught please.

    I am soon to be posted to anathor part of BFG, I own my own house here in the garrison in which I am currently posted.My wife has a full time job , kids in German school, so don't want to move them asa they are settled.I don't think the new post is within commuting distance, so am concidering moving into the mess.

    My question is this , how will this effect me and my family as goes BFG entitlement?Is BFG exactly what is says on the tin, IE they are in BFG or must they come with me to retain BFG priviliges (Like my wife being able to drive my car!)

    Any and all advice received with a great big thankyou!!
  2. Shouldn't, we have blokes here who are in the smae situation & it dosn't effect their or family BFG status.
  3. I've just had anathor thought, will moving into the mess mean I am entitled to single LOA?
  4. I'm sure that you don't have to pay any food or accom charges if you are married unaccompanied.

    But this may be different in the mess as to the block.
  5. Over 37 years old? if so, no accom but you will pay the new standard food charge if not PAYD.
  6. I cannot quote you a definite source, but I know people who have been in your situation. In order for them to keep their BFG Status, they have had to have their families accompany them on subsequent postings, ie Full LOA, Tax Free Cars etc for you and the wife.

    It will certainly be laid down in either JSP 752/4 or SOBAG's.

    The way they got round it 'apparently' was to get a quarter at the new location and claim that they were still living as a family :wink:
  7. Are there any Gurus out there with a definative answer please, itsa my last two years of 22 and ide love to enjoy them,knowing now how best to aproach this would help a great deal. Thanks.
  8. BUMP!
  9. MODS, Have I put this in the wrong section or does no one know????
  10. Use JPA to ask the question formally then use the accumulated knowledge to the ARRSE to clarify any issues if the answer leaves you in any doubt. I have no idea about the rules, however, 4 years ago a colleague (SO2) had set up his family in their own home in BFG with child at a German state school. When he was posted to another garrison in BFG the family stayed put. He got single man entitlements (LOA, car, fuel tokens, duty-free..). She got nothing. Apparently she even “lost the right” to drive his BFG registered car.
  11. Thanks Ned, this is what I fear may be the case.