matregs said:
Just got my PO, off to 6 Supply Gutersloh. Anyone got some info on the place?
any specifics you wanna know mate? i wasnt at 6 supply but my ex father in law was and i was up the road in mansergh with the RA 93-97
Left 6 supply about a year ago. Based in Gutersloh and Dulmen... split unit. Think most of the chiefs have gone now but i enjoyed it there. Hope you like fuel vehicles they got a few TTF's, unless Oshkosh has arrived. What else do you want to know??
Just wanted to know what the unit was like and the pads quarters. Anyware must be better than where I'm at now.
Are you going to Dulmen or Gutersloh??? If Gutersloh, ask for a quarter in Quelle. It is a new estate near Bielefeld and has the best quarters around. Takes about 20mins to get to work in morning, but you get res to pod. Everyone wants Quelle, the place to be..
The unit is fine, good Regt bar and quite a few do's. Good bunch of lads, you will enjoy it

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