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Posted to SEAE

I will be posted to SEAE in the coming months and as a non REME bod, I am after the low down on the place. So what is the place like?
what are you going there as mate? Duty of care?

If its duty of care then you have to put up with the new breed of soldier who bitches and whinges if you say as little as BOO to them. And they will call their parents to put in complaints. I've seen it happen. Aside from that all you'll do is take a parade in the morning, do the occaisional COS duty and mong about the offices all day.

If its PTI then you have nothing to do either. The new PT system means that a PT programme is given out by the QMSI and the students follow it or not, its their choice as long as they pass the BFTs.

Not much else you can do there really, unless youre Provo then ill stop speaking to you now. :p

apart from all that, its not a bad place. Reading is a quality night out on the piss, Wokingham is pretty shit but theres loads of fast food joints there. Theres a few other towns around there that its worth checking out too.

Email me if you wanna know more.
Heywood_Jablowme said:
ROB, are you RE?
Unfortunately not any more :sad: AG* now for my sins.

Thanks to the rest of you for your help. I know the post I'm going to and what it is like :thumright: . I just want to know the basic info on the unit/barracks etc.


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