Posted To recruitin team

I've got my posting order and it says assigned to Stafford (Campbell Block) and that's all it say but I did research on the uin and got this post code SN9 6BE which is down south in Wiltshire and my clerk said there is no unit there so im confused where I'm going because it says Stafford.
Perhaps it is Stafford but under the supervision of Army Recruiting & Training, based at Trenchard Lines, Upavon, Wilts SN9 6BE..........?


You have been assigned to the Outreach Team (West Midlands) which are located at site No4 in Beacon Barracks, Stafford. The Upavon address, is your Chain of Command Opcom, however the majority of your admin will be carried out at Donnington Support Unit. Post code for Stafford is ST18 0AQ. If you require a contact number for your new unit PM me.

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