Posted to RDGs in Munster

Discussion in 'REME' started by hunter_1873, Mar 26, 2007.

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  1. Just got my posting, and i'm going to The Royal Dragoon Guards in Munster. Just finishing my VM(A) initial and i won't be at the unit til about Sep-Oct. Basically Is it a good first posting? anything to look out for?

    Cheers, Hunter :thumright:
  2. not sure if the landsman and tennebar are still open???
  3. They are heading to the sandy place about that time.

    It is an excellent posting if the hierarchy are good, the RDGs are a good bunch. Munster is a great first posting - it was for me!!
  4. things hectic here at the moment standby for the sandpit and get yourself a set of coveralls with sewn in creases and a name tag on as thats all you will wear, munster not a bad place and full of university girls who like to cycle round in short skirts in summer, oh by the way catterick next year after your christmas sunshine tour, not bad really.
  5. The Landesmann is OOB, but everyone drinks there anyway. Bentley's, the NAAFI bar, is the biggest grossing bar in BFG, owing to the presence of a chick-stuffed medical regiment in the same camp. If you can't score in that camp there's something seriously wrong with you.

    If you can't score in that camp then try, which is on the industrial estate behind the camp or the side door to 83 Loddenbusch. The name of the establishment escapes me.

    The RDG are Cav like any other Cav Regiment, in that if they cared for horses like they care for their equipment they'd be prosecuted by the RSPCA.
  6. Just served 3 years with them. Had a brilliant time, good bunch of lads!
  7. Ditto. I spent four years there and left just as RDG arrived (KRH before them).
  8. Is Munster closing the same times Osnbrunk,and will you be handing the keys.Irish Bar was not bad and Nacth Studio if you could get in.
  9. Congratulations on being posted to a fine Regiment.

    As has already been suggested they are due in the Sand pit around October and then in October next year moving to Catterick.

    I hope that you enjoy every minute of it.

    Quis Separabit.
  10. I'm still having a top time with them, as with everywhere you will get your share of moaning bar stewards saying nothing more than "This is sh1t" without ever giving evidence of what "sh1t" is, but look forward to your time with them they are a top regiment. :D Pity about the EME :?
  11. he is going isnt he i mean the eme is it true we is getting a woman eme?
  12. I had a great time with the RDG Csqn fitters (The Cruel C). First posting is all about attitude. Listen in don't talk out of turn and work hard. Also get in with a bunch of guys that travel on nights out. We used to go to Enschede in holland about 45 mins away and sleep in the car. We even went to prague on the train one long week end. Loved it.
  13. I left there 2 1/2 years ago at the end of there last sandy tour. Top LAD bar, the 'nails' tree trunk must be full by now? If Mr Beaver is still there give him a kick from me.
  14. Enchede is that where Jet Sets , New Yorks night clubs and Bogarts pub, if so many a good weekend down there in the late 80's-early 90's, watch out for the eskimos though. :wink:
  15. That made me laugh fella :D

    The RDG are a very good unit. They are off to the sandy place roundabout chrimbo time and are in full swing for that. You are going to be a busy badger. As others have already said, after the sandy expedition it's a Regiment move to Yaaaarksha.

    They are, however, a very good unit for attached arms. They really look after the attached, as if one of their own.

    hope you like drinking :D

    Edited to add: Munster is a cracking place as well, very scenic, with shit loads to do. With more boozers than you can shake a shitty stick at.