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Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by diab4, Mar 12, 2008.

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  1. hi we have been posted to paderborn :D , i was hoping for some feedback on married quarters and the best areas to live, :? detmold is nice i believe but about a 40 min drive to work each way! :!: i have 2 girls 8+4. any positive advice would be welcomed! many thanks :wink:
  2. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    In 81 - 82 my MSQ was in Elsen Heide, very nice for a block of flats. There were other blocks of flats of varying quality. In 1996 I took the family back so my daughter could see where she lived for two weeks before moving to Osnabruck. It seemed to have been handed back to the Germans, but I could be wrong. Not much help.

    I understand that QDG have moved lock stock and barrel from Osnabruck following the closure of the latter last year as BAOR concentrates its troops in Paderborn. I don't know what the Arms Plot looks like these days but if there has been a lot of movement in, either there will only be dregs on offer or there will be some new quarters coming on-line which may be good, bad or indifferent.

    I'd recommend you PM my old mate GeordieHussar who was GSM at Sennelager until last year (he is now at Gutersloh). I have absolutely no idea whether he might be able to advise you personally, but he may be able to point you in the right direction.
  3. Hi I spent about 4 years in Wetmold & Padders . My advice is to get an MQ in Paders the drive over the Birlebeck(? ) in winter will be a nitemare .

    The quarters in Paderborn have nearly all been handed back I think except those around STC : Elsen Heide where I had an MQ certainly has .
  4. If you get offered a hiring, anywhere in Germany, it will usually be far better than a MQ.
  5. thank you for your advice...
  6. hi i moved from paderborn a while ago. I Loved every minuet . All i can say is that its better that a uk unit especially if your oh is in signals. Jobs are not great but the social life is great. I had a flat 10 miles way from camp but still had great fun. The flat i had was better than any house i have had in the uk. Hope you enjoy your posting i would love to go back
  7. Nice town and as I recall plenty of open areas for walking, although that was back in 1989!
  8. Good Luck with your posting to Padders, Probably one of the best postings remaining in BFG. I have had 2 postings there and would go back at the drop of a hat.

    The City/Town is fantastic with many good bars to go to Cafe Barcelona, Kumpf, Highlander and of course the Irish bar on a Tuesday for Kareoke.

    There are many good festivals in town such as the Fruling (spring) festival and 2 Libori festivals which are really good.

    Bad Lippspringe has the Eurofest each year and is well worth a visit.

    I was a Singlie for both of my postings and enjoyed them immensly, as did many of the Pads. There is the REAL for shopping ( to avoid the NAAFI rip off) and a Media Markt on the ring road. The City centre has some good shopping and Bielefeld is only a short journey away in your tax free car (using Petrol Coupons) for so more shopping fun.

    Enjoy the town and local are and make the most of your Germany posting (they will not be around for ever).


  9. 2 Posting to Paderborn now, first one spent living in quarters in Detmold. Second as singly in Paderborn.

    Detmolds Positive for us were:

    Great town with no camps there.
    No drunken squaddie on every corner on a friday night.
    Friendly locals and a small army community
    Good standard of quarters.
    A great Snelly!


    Need a car to get anywhere.
    Paderborn's a 40 min drive - can be a drag every day there and back and in the winter roads can be very dangerous or closed.
    VERY limited employment for wives. NAAFI, Med Centre or School thats it!
    Limited child care, whilst I was there the local nursery (although very good) was only open for a few hours in the morning therefore limiting the wives employment opportunity. None if any registered child minders too.
    NAAFI was over priced compared to prices in Sennerlager.
    Getting to and from functions in camp were a pain in the arrse.
    1 Hour travel to Paderborn Airport.

    Paderborn (from a singulary point of view)

    All good and a Great night life!

    Sorry but if I had a choice again I would definitely choose quartering in Paderborn - my marriage broke down due to the pace of Army life (2 out of the 3 years away whilst there) and the fact we lived in Detmold and therefore forgotten about by the BN.
  10. wow such a lot of good advice thank you so much everyone,i feel a sway to paddas!!
  11. I was stationed in Paderborn as a pad and quartered in Detmold. The house was fine, teh town pleasant but the travel to work was a pain.

    I was stationed again in Paderborn as a single man (after divorse) and it was fantastic. Town was great with a lot of places to eat out and drink, Cafe & Bar Celona, Brauhaus, Zeitgeist. Alt Paderborner, La Pampa and my personal favourite, Fat Louis.
  12. gunfighter and paul, ref. the drive to Paderborn - don't they do the 'Happy Bus' from Detmold to Paderborn any more?

    diab4 - Detmold is a fantastic town, out of the way a bit as mentioned above. Really depends what you want from the posting. Paderborn is good out on the town. There's loads of places to go at weekends too, so as long as at least one of you drives you're in for a good posting :D
  13. St Vincentz Krankenhaus is good to. They really look after you, especially when you get admitted pissed, with half a broken bottle sticking out of your nose.
  14. I'll second that! but mine was an iron railing smashed over my head!
  15. Hi, I have just come back to England from Paderborn. we went to see my son and his wife, after hearing all the things you lot was saying about MQ`s
    I was so worried at what they was going to be living in, well it`s lovely very clean and it as a new kitchen, carpets, beds and every think newley wed`s could wont. they will be there for 2 years, they have been there just over a mouth now and loving it.