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Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by geordie_girl_1, Jan 12, 2007.

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  1. My other half is being posted to Padders in April . It has been over ten years since i was last in Germany, what are the MQ like?

    I have 3 boys who have been lucky enough to live in the Uk only, so wondered what it is like for kids (they will be 5,7,9 when we get there)
  2. Any body got any info on Paderborn at all?
  3. just had a quick look and i think i will need to do a search , so thanks for the link
  4. Depends where you live. Most of the quarters are fine. Paderorn is a great place, big enough to enjoy yourself, but small enough not to get lost.

    The town centre is good for shopping. The XMas market is brilliant. Get a baby sitter and storm in there with your old man. I recommend the Gluwein with Amaretto! Socially it is very good, there are some cracking little side street restaurants (Italian, Spanish, German of course, etc). Plenty to do and you're near two autobahns so it's easy to get to larger cities like Kassel and Dortmund.

    Once your established, avoid the NAAFI for your shopping. Go to Marktkauf or any of the other larger German super markets (there's one up at the'll find it, it's on the outskirts of the city by the University quarter), they're a damn sight cheaper and are well on par with the larger Tescos and Sainsbury's. Use NAAFI just to get you in as it's easier. Get over to the Education Centre at Alanbrooke Bks, and get onto the Survival German courses (very good) as soon as you can. I'll tell you now, you'll be glad that you did. If you speak a bit of the lingo, you'll enjoy the posting so much more (that's the best bit of advice I can give you).

    All in all mate, Paderborn is an excellent place and a great posting, but it does come down to what you make of it.

    If you get the in laws over, take them down to the Deutsches Haus at Am Kissau (you'll find it easy enough it's on the edge of the city centre, in the street opposite the Chinese by the traffic lights on Neuhauser Strasse). It's a very good 'traditional German' restaurant and if you like steak and decent wine/bier, you'll not be disappointed. Also, if you are doing some weekday window shopping, pop into the cafe at the side of the Dom (the cathedral in the centre of town). Between that and the Kump (right on the major junction in town at Westerntor) are great places just to sit back and watch the world go by over a decent coffee...with really good cakes!

    We're looking to buy a flat over there in the next couple of years. It's a great place and you'll enjoy it....even moreso if you speak a little German.

  5. Thank you very much, my German is very rusty so will need some polishing , i remember shopping in the markhoff when i lived in Hameln (what seems like a life time ago).
    I do intend to explore as much as i can i enjoyed myself the last time i lived in Germany and can see no reason not to again.
  6. Biscuit,
    there was a sale of some of the pads flats outside STC (near Neals bar)recently,one of the gate guards paid 40grand (sterling) for a 2 bedroom.
  7. Why don't you contact the HIVE

  8. That is the first thing i did in January and im still waiting for a response.
    i also tend to find sometimes you get some info from those either living in the area or who know the area.
  9. I pretty much believe that the housing/welfare/GSO types send out a welfare pack prior to your getting posted to Paderborn it, it will have the size/shape/colour of the MQ you are moving into. I know this happened as of 4 months ago.

    If you haven't received one get your other half to contact the welfare officer of your new unit...........................

  10. I have never lived in Paderborn, but I did live in Seenelager, I agree with all the positive comments made earlier. I strongly believe your kids will love it too. The education here in the land of milk and honely (oh and LOA) is fantastic, the classes are smaller and the children benefit for it.

    Good Luck.
  11. Thanks for the response. My OH has finally got in touch with the welfare bods and with a bit of luck i should be recieving something in the post soon. I cant believe how long it took for OH to get through to them
  12. Is your bullet hole in similar condition?

    I doubt it with three boys :D

    I think what Biscuits was politley trying to say was 'pop a piccy of your rug in the gallery'
  13. If you still don't feel that you have all the information you need then contact AFF - they have a really good person in Padderborn who can tell you know what you want - her e-mail is The AFF website has some info as well.