Posted to Northern Ireland, Need information.

Discussion in 'Ireland (ie. Irish Defence Force)' started by ArtfulDodjar, Jan 13, 2009.

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  1. Just got my posting order through for Northern Ireland with 5 AAC. After asking around no one seems to know whats out there, after some googling and badgering HIVE i still cant get the information I need, wondering if you guys could help. Just want to know what accomidation is out there, can i use my BT home hub out there, is there anywhere good on the piss? stuff like that would be appreciated, cheers :D
  2. Well last time I checked the 'Irish Defence Forces' refered to the army of the Republic of Ireland (South of the border) and you'll be stationed north of the border so while geographically (and to some people politically) your post is in the correct section of the site you may want to retry posting this question in another part of Arrse where it'll be answered by members of HM Armed forces or residents of Northern Ireland.

    But to answer your question BT home hubs will work (if you have access to a landline). And while I haven't been to Belfast for a few years judging by the recent RIR reception from some segments of the population there's still less then a warm reception for squaddies from some people so choosing your local should be done with care!
  3. Apologies for posting in the wrong place. :( Cheers for the info though.
  4. Norn Iron (Northern ireland) has come a long way in the last 10 years! There is plenty to see and do! the odyssey is a great place to go got loads of things to do under one roof! Im pretty sure the guys at your new unit will help you out!

    Just dont go telling people what you do for a living have a back up story ready! There may be peace but there still quite a few bitter people out there would love nothing more than to give a brit a good kicking!

    And yes you can you your BT home hub out there! Get yourself a How to speak Norn Irish guide book! lol

    Good luck mate on your new posting!
  5. Hope you leave the navigating to someone else!! :D