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Currently based in York, my family (incl 2 kids + dog) are posted to NI. Having trawled the length of JSP752 for what I am and am not entitled to, as I understand it I am entitled to claim for the following:

1. NIRS once in duty station @ £6.11 per day

2. Up to 3 nights NS for myself, my wife and my kids (actuals when booked through CHBS) if quarter is not available for less than 28 days. (i.e x 4 lots of NS)

3. DS for myself, my wife and my kids; "except where NS is also being claimed for the same temporary duty, in which case breakfast costs are contained within NS, and not DS" (i.e x 4 lots of DS)

4. Ferry travel (1st class) for all my family (Can I book ferries for for both vehicles in the family at public expense??)

5. MMA @ PCR rate provided I am insured for business travel (Can I do this for both vehicles in the family??)

6. NIMR for vehicle insurance in Northern Ireland. Not sure what is deemed "central London". Can anyone clarify with a postcode??

7. IE for myself only, BUT JSP 752 03.0113 says: "IE may be paid concurrently with all types of NS and daily combinations of
NS and DS, but not normally with DS alone",
so does that mean I am good to go or not??

8. Also trying to clarify if I am entitled to duty travel if I decide to take only one family vehicle and return at a later date to collect the other, as the movers will not move motorvehicles/motorcycles. Does anyone know my options??

Not sure if I have missed anything or got any of this wrong, but if somebody could confirm/correct me accordingly I would be most grateful.

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