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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by escape_to_the_USA, Apr 30, 2008.

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  1. I am overseas & I do not have access to DII and Google has been less than helpful:

    I am posted to MB, I would like to live on the NW London or possibley North London. (Closer to family and freinds)

    What SFA patches are in that general area and which would you recommended?, travel time and info on rail/tube stns near by would be really useful

    The kids are too young for school, so that is not an issue. But any information on hospitals near the patches would be useful, as my wife is a nurse and will be looking for work.

  2. Northolt was a nice area, is that North? or Stanmore, anywhere that you live in this area will be a nightmare to travel to MB from and to.

    Can't help with schools/Hospitals etc, I lived in Woolwich when I was at MB.
  3. Northolt is more North West. Both have reasonably good Underground connections, buses Ok. Stanmore OK for M1 and M25, Northolt on A40 minutes from M40/M25.
  4. RAF Uxbridge, Metropolitan line, 40Mins to Baker Street
    RAF Northolt, Central Line, 35 Minutes to Central London
    Stanmore, Jubilee line, 40 Minutes to Baker Street
    Ruislip, Central line, 42 Mins into town, or Metropolitan 35 Mins To Baker Street.

    Stanmore, good for M1. Uxb, Northolt and Ruislip on A40.

    No real advantages to any, Ruislip probably shortest walk to tube (Central line station), depending on which quarter you get. Ruislip also has the advantage of having two different line within 10/15 mins walk. Big advantage when one of the lines has a problem.
  5. Try to avoid Whetstone. It's location isn't too awful, but the houses are tiny and crappily built.
  6. Hospitals.....Hillingdon is the main hospital in the area, no tube, but bus from Uxbridge takes 10 mins, or you can walk it in about 30. Accessible from all the patches by car, but forget Stanmore. Stanmore is closer to Watford, Watford General closest, rough place, spent two weeks in there with Pneumonia.
    Lots of folks at Uxbridge work at Wexford park Hospital, short drive away. If you get somewhere on the Metropolitan line you can tube it to Northwick park Hospital in Harrow, tube at Northwick park is the closest.
    All the patches have their advantages/disadvantages. Uxbridge is probably the safest as currently behind the wire. All the quarters in the area are not of the highest standard. Ruislip is not bad. Many Stanmore quarters are quite small/grotty.
    If you want first hand gen, PM me. I live in the area at the moment.
    Can't help with kids!
  7. I'll echo that. One more thing, is that Windsor is considered part of the patch too. It's a right pain in the backside and you are always going with the traffic and so you end up with long travelling times. I've had a few oppos live there and all have wanted to move.
  8. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    There are also a few flats available in Notting Hill and Earl's Court. Needless to say there are lots of hospitals within an easy commute of both of those!
  9. Any info on Bushey/Bushey Heath Patches?

    I know it is Noth rather than NW but heard good and bad things...

    Any links to information about these patches?
  10. I've just moved away from Bushey Heath having spend 2 enjoyable years on the patch there. It's a good mix of all three services, not too many people work at the same establishments so as a consequence we found it non rank conscious and very sociable. There's decent pub and shops at the end of the road. Yor'e only 10-20 mins from Northwood so if you need a Med Centre, Stores, Mess etc then they aren't too far away.

    Catching the overground train from Bushey (10 mins drive from the patch, plenty of free on road parking) gets you into Euston 1 stop (Harrow) and 20 mins later. The alternative is 10 mins drive down the hill to Stanmore and then an hour on the tube into town. My wife was serving in central London and taking the overground train from Bushey she'd do the journey in 70 mins from door to door and because only a small proportion of the journey was by tube it wasn't too painful a commute.

    Watford has all of the amenities that you could want; cinemas, shops and Vicarage Road for watching football and rugby. Watford General Hospital is only 15 mins away and you are only minutes away from the A1, M1 and M25.

    If you want any more gen then feel free to PM me. I did a lot of visits and research before settling on Bushey Heath and had absolutely no reason to regret it.

    I hope that helps.