Posted to Larkhill, MQ advice please.

hi all,

posted to larkhill next year and was looking for some tips on where to ask for my MQ.

I am not afraid a bit of a commute (ie: from tidworth etc). I would prefer to live outside the wire if possible but would rather a nice house if it ment living in camp.

Specific names of roads in housing estates would be great so i could take a drive down and scope it for myself.

Thanks in advance
where are you now ? bit of a housing shortage in Tidworth at the moment with the garrison growing all the time.I cant comment on Larkhill to be honest, i have never had a quarter there.I have lived in Tidders for many years now and the quarters are pretty spot on now even if they have been built by the lowest bidder and the surrounding area is very nice.
i live in aldershot at the minute, our place is quite small and old but we pay peanuts.

thanks for the info on tidworth, heard it was quite hard to get a place there as it very busy but also heard that there is a lot of brand new pads as well.

Anyone know anything about amsbury or winterborne? or anywhere really good or bad.
Tidworth is split as a place, on one side is zouch estate which consists of old style houses and on the other is mathews estate which was completly re-built in 2003-2005.Just had a thought though as to a down side about Tidworth, that is we have no drinking holes other than the Legion and a pub called thr ram which is mega over priced.
thanks mate thats exactly the kind of info i was after.

when you say the surrounding area is nice i take it you mean it is good for walking the dog and going for runs?
have a look HERE
Depends what rank you are as well. In my humble opinion their quarters are crap and i've lived in 4 there in my time. There are good running routes though so fizz won't be a problem.
the houses in Tidworth are no longer rank allocated unless you are an officer obivously, so you can find you next door neighbour is a WO1. The size of the house goes on number of ankle biters you have.I have 5 so was allocated a 4 bedroom.Only problem is a one of my daughters has additional needs and they make no allowances for that and our house is on 3 floors.The surrounding area is stonking for dog walking and running , like a mug i have put in for Tidworth 10 km and the route is slightly hilly but oh well.
queters in Larkers aint that bad and are improving all the time lived in my for 7 years its what you can make of it really, in addition the rent is peanuts and future developments in the area, community centre, new park etc etc are due to open in the very near future.

you have Larkhill school which i am told is ok but you can send you kids to durrington because we fall into the catchment area, durrington infants very good school.

I give larkers 8 out of 10 however it must be said that i have only ever lived here in this quater so have nothing to compare it to.

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