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Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by unlacedgecko, Jun 30, 2010.

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  1. Im posted to Germany in a few weeks, and Im having issues with my FAC/SGC. British police are telling me to surrender my licences. BASC are advising that I keep hold of them, so that I can use my weapons when in the UK on leave, without having to go through the rigmarole of getting sponsors etc. Does anyone have any advice?

    Also, does anyone know if the British Forces Game Shooting Association still exists? Or will I have to make my own contacts within the German hunting community on arrival? I'm very interested in taking the German Hunting exams and obtaining a Jagdschein. Ive got DSC 1. I know that this is in no way comparable to the German qualification, but does it count for anything? Is there anything I can do prep wise before I arrive?


  2. Keep hold of them.......why would you want to surrender them?!?!
  3. To keep them legit in the UK you need to have a permanent UK address. This could be a parent, friend or relative. State that you are not going to store the weapons at the address but in your present UK unit’s armoury or any other unit’s armoury with that unit’s permission.

    Get a European Firearms Pass, get permission for storage at your new unit and legally take them to Germany. As long as your UK address forwards the mail there should be no problem.

    As you have stated that the weapons are not stored at that address you do not require a home visit.

    If you address is in the same county as your present issuing authority, don’t even tell them that you are going to Germany, just that you have a change of address and you want your EFP for shooting competitions abroad.

    Once in Germany get in touch with the nearest American base as they will have a gun club. They will run the German handloading course in English and help you fill out the applications for a German firearms licence and reloading licence. Place your current firearms on German licence as well as buy any new guns from the American gun shop.

    Hope that helps, mind you I was in Germany in early 90s so things might have changed a bit.

    Do not surrender your UK licence.
  4. The above advice is trash, please do not follow this route, I am a BSGSA instructor. Please feel free to PM me and I will pass on wy work extension and we can talk about how things are done within the law. There is a massive clamp down by J1 Provo at the moment and I would ill advise you to fall foul of it.
  5. You need to speak to the Liasion officer in the HQ of the Garrison you are posting too, he will usually have the required contacts and will put you in touch with the local Jagdgruppe. If you are going to Paderborn, Sennelager, Guetersloh area ping me an E-myther. I have some contacts still in that Jagdgruppe. You need to do a Jagdschein course before you can shoot here, you can get short term tourist types on the strength of your British docs, but you need a minder.

    If you get the chance to go native and hunt away from the BFG areas, I can only recommend it.

    Or read the post above!!
  6. Cerrenous, I am sure we know each other, still wondering who you are!!
  7. They have most definitely changed a lot. The US bases are few and far between, and the Rod & Gun Clubs with their shops are all gone. :( .

    Should you you come to the JHQ area this might be interesting:
  8. Posted to Germany, you lucky lucky bastard!
  9. Pm me for shooting in Germany queries.