posted to falklands any extra kit needed?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by mattrlc, Sep 4, 2009.

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  1. Any tips on anything to take out with me aside from the issued cold weather gear, I have no idea what to expect out there climate wise, all I know is its cold at the moment. many thanks
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  3. Ive been told im gonna come back an alcoholic
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  6. Penguin repellent.
  7. I do think getting pissed on an island with penguins would open up a whole new world of possible drinking games.
  8. Sh1t loads of suncream as there is no ozone layer down there, wear it rain,snow or shine. Its Quite nice in summer so don't just take warm kit.
  9. thank you, Ill take some, is it true that the seasons are reversed over there i.e our summer is there winter
  10. Its hardly a decent posting, not when the rest of the unit are off to cyprus.
  11. Yeah, its in the southern hemisphere its tilted closer to the sun (their summer) while we in the north are tilted away (our winter)
  12. This may be stating the bleedin' obvious, but take the best boots you can find/afford, Matterhorns for me but there are countless opinions on this elsewhere. It's like Brecon and Otterburn combined, with extra water.
  13. There used to be a couple of good sites that had heaps of information but they don't seem to be running.

    Weather: Changeable. Can be sunny and warm. Can be cold and snowing. Can be very windy. Often it's all of these on the same day. Unlike UK, where you can look out of the window and decide what to wear for the rest of the day, in FI you can't even guarantee that you'll make the right decision for 10 minutes hence.

    If you're going out soon, you'll be heading into FI springtime. Not that it matters much. I've been there in spring, summer and winter and found little difference.

    Food: Excellent food is offered - provided that they haven't run out of ingredients. If the supply ships are delayed, things run short. Not to the extent that you drop onto starvation rations - food is still plentiful - but you may not have sugar to put in your tea.

    Shops: There's not a great deal on offer. Basic NAAFI stuff catering for the essentials and a few more luxurious items. A run into Stanley offers a change of brand, perhaps, but still generally limited to essentials.

    Accommodation: Nothing special about the rooms - basic but generally acceptable. Individual rooms vary according to the previous occupant. You may have a chair, you may not. You may be able to hang your clothes in the wardrobe, you may have to store them folded if the rail is missing.

    Social: Pretty good. Not many camps can boast a bowling alley. There's a cinema, internet cafe, coffee bar and bar near the main accommodation complex. Other cafes further along the corridor. An all-ranks bar in addition to the messes.

    Hire shop: I don't know the full list of what they have available, but the inventory runs from irons to cars.

    All in all, you don't need a lot of stuff. Having all the welfare facilities in the same building that you're living in and being surrounded by military personnel means that you don't have the same fashion criteria that you'd have if you were going down town on the pull.

    I'd be inclined to take a 4-way extension lead, though. There aren't many sockets in the rooms.
  14. well many moons ago i went to the ass hole of the world as it was called then, 3 tours 2 winter 1 summer 1st tour was great, did all the battle field tours got pissed ect ect rest bored as hell drink and work, hated every minute. but apparently its a peach tour now because of the afgan and iraq dets and i probably would feel the same, but i left the mob in 2001 anyway enjoy. ohh in the winter it snows lots and lots, mail gets delayed don't worry about kit good stores,take personal admin stuff, as it is expensive, most of all enjoy, remember detachment rules!some chogies are not bad looking lol. and take sun screen from tescos much cheeper.,l lol waterman
  15. Dwarf nun recognition kit.