posted to dheklia soon

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by jonah1163, Jul 18, 2007.

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  1. hi peeps i,am bieng posted soon to cyprus ( dheklia) , i,am a l/cpl and marreid with 2 kids , just like to find some proper info on the loa and stuff that goes on in the camp , asking the admin staff is like taking to the dog .
    anyone help cheers :D
  2. Which Unit are you gong to?

    I will get the LOA rated to you tomorrow?
    Has your Furniture gone Yet?
  3. Had two wonderful years in Dhekelia and the kids loved it. There are two camps infantry on the beach and across the road the main camp. All MQ's are in the large camp now which also have the schools, cinema, NAAFI and lots for the kids to do. Depending how old kids are there was a Saturday football KEAN league and thereis a small beach right outside camp next to the CESSAC.
    You will probably get a GiZZET car when you arrive to tempt you into buying a car but worth shopping around. Everyones in the same boat with furniture so dont worry about keeping up with the Joneses. Id use the Army sofas, beds etc because limited to removals. PM me with your age of kids and area your moving with MQ then I can tell youa bit more if you wish.

    It will be great for your family but a lot of the RIBS (resident Infantry Bn)who go get run ragged.

    Larnaca Strips only 5miles up the road for pubs and restaurants with more beaches and Larnaca about 15 miles for shopping.
    Ayia Napa still out of bounds after the green jacket incident. Was there about 10 years ago but went back for a visit this year and still a great place.
  4. Theres a power point going around ,just ask one of the med centre who has it ,its the one the rrf had when they went over . as for your dog u will have to pay for the flight yourself but that may change (which i dealt it) . that is if u are going with the TIGERS.

    If U Want The War Won ! SEND IN THE TIGERS
  5. Poor Kevin complain? I know someone who went there (yeah, I know, I say that alot).. when he was a cadet, and they weren't allowed in the NAAFI but some soldiers invited them in. Then later on the Cadet adults came in and when the cadets saw them they ran into the toilet and out the window. Last man was getting out the window when an adult walked into the toilet, saw legs and grabbed them. The other 2 ran and ran to a sunbed on the beech to sleep it off, but they were caught and then "booted out".

    For the rest of it they were raking the beech, thirsty work, untill some soldiers took them to a restaurant and stuff, and then pretended to be working again when the adults returned.

    Good times :)

    IF anyone here was involved in this, step forward :wink:
  6. cheers for the replys i,am going with pwrr working in the mt , whats the score with soldiers that are p3le do they deploy . the qrtrs are in dhekelia and i,am working in alexander barracks , just like to find the pros and cons cheers
  7. Alexander Bks is the RIB bks by the sea, check pm reply.
  8. Just a blast from the past, I was in Dhekelia (Slim Barracks) in 1961 with 42 Regt RA, The Black Watch were across the road in Alexander Barracks at the time, they were replaced by the RGJ. At that time Cyprus was really a plum posting as it was immediately after the Island had got it's independence. Where Ayia Napa now stands was an Ammo depot and we used to go out there to do guards. With a 1 Oclock finish and the sea , and George Club, just across the road it was like being on holiday.
  9. Ive heard that the resident inf battalions can get it tough out there..still classes as the UN postings?..Ive never been there myself but would love to go. Cyprus must be most peoples dream posting.??

    As for Ayia Napa being OOB to British troops, is it directly down to the Green Jackets incident in the 90s?

    And surely, even if troops did go on a weekend, they could pterend they are not squaddies, theres always loads of Brits out there on holiday anyway.

    How long do you think well keep Cyprus for?, I cant see it lasting more than another 10 odd years
  10. Ayai Napa Square out of bounds but can get round the beaches if you want (Nissi or Nipple beach, Macronasis etc) Not orth going into Ayai Napa Square because RMP check it out and you will be kicked off the Island with family within days as many have found out over the years. Theres no need to go anyway as there are lots of brilliant night spots on Larnaca Strip, Larnaca, Protaros etc. All the OOB areas are displayed on boards and told on iniial briefs anyway.
    The UN tour at Ledger palace and green line is a totally different story nd there are different rules to where they can visit. The RIB are extremely busy with on Island security, tours like Falklands and exercises.
  11. roll on the posting to cyprus hopefully iraq and afgan will be over ( i,ll cross my fingers)
  12. jonah u have not seen the old mans directive have u .we are going everywhere next yr , Oh to be wanted.

  13. really like were that be nice for the family , email me it if possible, shame shit another country then
  14. jonah1163,

    Has your UWO done his recce Yet?

    I am from the RIB at the min. When you go onto TRB don't expect to see your family much. As for P3 we had blogs on P3 sent out to Iraq, it just means you must stay in the HQ (The COB or even The PJCC)

    As for your Wife does she have any Quals?? Loads of LSA Jobs going and wounld advise she goes for one. Other wise she may get lonely out her as it is a 5 Hr flight back to UK and Prices can be as much as £450 return.

    Bring some Aircon units as the temp in summer goes up 45-50Dec .

    Buy a pool for the kids (Will save you loads of money to send it in your feight. But that does depend on How much space you are aloud and what your adress will be.)

    I have got loads of pic's if you want? just PM me your email.

    Any futher questions just ask?
  15. 2 PWRR By any chance?
    Any AGC people here?! Please give us some good looking clerks!