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Spent 3 years in Dempsey Kaserne back in 2000 when 12 Regt were in there, not a bad camp and a nice Schnelle just round the corner. Your just over a KM from the big STC Sennelager camp and a lot depends on the size of your family for MQ's as I needed a 4 Bed I was in Dr Grotto (Grasso) in Schloss Neauhaus but there are nearer 3 bed MQ's near to Sennelager strip. There is a big families NAAFI the other side of Sennelager from Dempsey Barracks but I did majority of my shopping in Paderbourn. Sennelager is well situated and plenty to me if you have specific questions, if i can answer I will. Not been posted to QGD but spent a lot of time on different Battle Groups with them as a VM and a good bunch of lads.
Blimey,I was there in 77-80 attached to the planks.Good times,plenty to do,good beer fest in Paderborn,plenty of lost weekends as a singlie.
The main change will be its in colour now rather than black and white in your era
Sennelager will probably be the last to go in Germany - prefer Fallingbostel myself. Large golf course though - 5 minute drive. Paderborn just down the road. Enjoy it before Cameron brings us all back to rip-off UK. Done numerous exercises in Sennelager and spent a few years in Barker Bks.


Was in Dempsey after we moved from Dortmund (Napier), which I much preferred. There was was a cracking Gyros shop just down the road, The Pleasuredome was a scene of many crimes and within drunken staggering distance, and the town itself wasn't far away. Enjoyed it. I left there in 1996, so my info is probably out of date.
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