Posted to Dempsey Barracks, Sennelager

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Brock1188, Feb 7, 2013.

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  1. Hey guys just agc lad want some info on dempsey barracks.. im attach to QDG
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  2. Are you Fijian?
  3. Never been to Dempsey, but did once meet Makepeace.
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  4. Spent 3 years in Dempsey Kaserne back in 2000 when 12 Regt were in there, not a bad camp and a nice Schnelle just round the corner. Your just over a KM from the big STC Sennelager camp and a lot depends on the size of your family for MQ's as I needed a 4 Bed I was in Dr Grotto (Grasso) in Schloss Neauhaus but there are nearer 3 bed MQ's near to Sennelager strip. There is a big families NAAFI the other side of Sennelager from Dempsey Barracks but I did majority of my shopping in Paderbourn. Sennelager is well situated and plenty to me if you have specific questions, if i can answer I will. Not been posted to QGD but spent a lot of time on different Battle Groups with them as a VM and a good bunch of lads.
  5. Blimey,I was there in 77-80 attached to the planks.Good times,plenty to do,good beer fest in Paderborn,plenty of lost weekends as a singlie.
  6. The main change will be its in colour now rather than black and white in your era
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  7. Sennelager will probably be the last to go in Germany - prefer Fallingbostel myself. Large golf course though - 5 minute drive. Paderborn just down the road. Enjoy it before Cameron brings us all back to rip-off UK. Done numerous exercises in Sennelager and spent a few years in Barker Bks.
  8. Great camp, great unit & great town! :)
  9. ...there's not many who have been.
  10. A Mech Bratty fingers.
  11. I was there same time. R.E.M.E. Just wondering who this might be. :?:-o
  12. Recy mech,young (same age as you) good looking,good mates with Dave (Abe) Abraham (RIP)
  13. Didn't know Abe had passed away. Very sorry to hear that, he was an animal but a good bloke :(. I'll pm you my id if that's ok ?
  14. Sadly aged 21,PM recieved and replied.