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Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Mech-dan, Feb 18, 2009.

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  1. Ive just been posted to cyprus pretty much last minute and i've recently bought a new car. i dont really want to sell it because i'll loose a small fortune. does anyone know what the easiest and cheapest way of getting it over to cyprus is? and what i need to do when i get over there with registering etc. ive heard i can send it via the raf. and ive seen from other sites people are paying a fortune. am hoping as im only out there for 2 years and im army theres going to be a loop hole.
  2. Depends whether you're on your own or not, but if you have the leave coming, why don't you drive over? Italy - Ferry - Greece - Ferry - Cyprus.
  3. Shipping a car to Cyprus is the cheap part (£400)

    To re register it be prepared to pay an absolute fortune (£600) and if it is more than a 3l engine - thousands!!

    Flog your motor in the UK.
  4. RAF will indulge cars but it is pot-luck. I've also heard of cars being stolen from supposedly secure compounds.

    M&S Shipping do a service, it was about £500 2-3 years ago. Once landed you have 28 days to MOT, register etc. I think M&S will do all the customs documentation and provide the form to give to SBA Customs but from memory you have to do the registration yourself.

    EU certificate of conformity is an important document, if you don't have it ask the dealer you bought the car from for the original. Make sure you know where the chassis and engine number are, customs invariably want to see them.

    Cyprus road tax is done by weight of the car.
  5. This is going to sound stupid,but, get a motor caravan monthly mag and it gives all the info you need with contact numbers . these people go all over the world and know every stroke you can pull I know i'm oneof them but at the moment I am sitting in the pub and don't have the info to hand.
  6. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I indulged a couple of motorcycles over in 2005 - it was relatively painless - but cars may be different. We brought them back too 0- also relativly painless.
  7. I'll be going over with my wife. When i get over there do i have to change the number plates?
  8. Also am i looking at paying for bringing the car into the country because iv seen on other sites people are paying fortunes on tax.
  9. When i was there in the 80s their driving was so bad i was forced off the road twice, once on the brow of a hill and ,next, on a blind bend. I hope things have improved :lol:
  10. No as a part of BFC you don't pay for import. But I would check with SBA Customs, they're very helpful. You should be able to find a number through the military net. You will need to re-register which means new plates, I'm not sure what you do with DVLC to keep your UK plates for return. M&S Shipping address, which I forgot to add to earlier post is:
  11. Yes you will have to get a Cypriot registration and pay Cypriot road tax. Not much chance of getting an indulgence flight out as all the aircraft going out are full, otherwise they won't be going out in the first place. The only two real options are driving it out or shipping it out.
  12. Did both drove a car out there and shipped one back at tour end the drive out was tip top just got married as well took plenty of leave so slow timed/shaged around europe well woth it. on shipping cars mine came out of the container in shit state make sure u have top of the line insurance mine ended up with a full respray gits shipped lemons in with it lemon juice and paint work dnt mix lol. If i had the chance again id go for the drive just just keep an eye on the car theiving gits at the ports.

  13. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    We re-registered the bikes on the return to the UK - they gave us back the same numbers, apparently they don't have to but usually do.
  14. Oh yes you do.

    My mate has just had to pay 3 grand on an imported tax free car.

    Get rid, or if you can afford it, leave it in UK, (leagally of course).
  15. Coming to end of my posting here. Had to bring my car from Germany as it was under 6 months old. Shipped via M&S (£530) I also had to pay handling charges at port (€343) Car Registration 2.2 engine (€880) MOT (€34) regardless how old car is and road tax (€240)

    Just part of the expense that is Cyprus

    You will need every penny of your LOA because it isn't cheap here and at the moment (never was but more so since the Euro hit), it isn't hot either. Apart from that and the weird working hours that con you into thinking you only work a half day its great here!!

    If I were you, either sell the car or store it in the UK and buy a 4X4/Pick up when you get here with the money you save by not doing it.