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Hello all,

Im off to Cyprus with mrs allatsea. Lucky me. My half-baked plan is to put the mrs and our 2 dogs in the back of our chelsea tractor and just bloody drive there (this appears cheaper than flying out mutts/ shipping car at own expense). Has anyone done this or is this the worst idea since SDSR?

Mind you, if LOA is going to die, I do wonder if i can afford this little expedition...!

If you go through the north I think there may be an issue trying to insure the car later having arrived from a country no one recognises. Not sure if this applies to forces but is the case for expats living there.
Friend of mine drove back 4 years ago. Larnaca to Greece, drive across Greece, ferry to Italy, drive home.

Another one drove back to UK via the north and ferry to Turkey, which is very naughty. Don't try to arrive that way.

Check on the paperwork for taking the dogs and the car. Cypriot bureaucracy is Byzantine not only in origin.
You might want to look into how much it is going to cost you to register your car when you arrive in Cyprus before you decide that you want to do that as it could work out very costly.

LOA goes down again in 2 days time (woo hoo) and if posted to live at Crab Air Base then you will probably find yourself in one of the new grade 1 £500 a month (all bills included) new build homes that are popping up all around camp.

And then there comes the fun part of registering your dogs with the SBA authorities, (20 Euros or there abouts per dog) the housing office, the 'local lucky' bag vet service and the insurance that you would be wise to take out, cos if the snakes dont kill your dogs then the cyps and their poison might. Oh and the pet passport (up to date annual injections and microchips are a must) and rabies vaccinations that you are required to get by law to bring the dogs back to good ol blighty in 2 years time.

I would shop around for quotes for shipping dogs over or if you can take the dogs over to Germany and fly them from there as some companies will fly your dogs as excess baggage.

A good site to look at before you arrive is the Expats Angloinfo Cyrpus The AngloINFO Cyprus Forum: Classifieds & Discussion for Cyprus you will find all you need to know on there :)

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