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I've been posted to Cyprus in Jan 2011 and im pretty much on top of things such as applying for SFA and admin for bringing my dog with me. As I understand my removals will take my PE and this has to be 4-6 weeks before i move into my new SFA in Cyprus as this is how long it takes to transport by sea ,and when i march out the remainder of my PE will go into storage.

The advice/information i need is if i book my removals 6 weeks before i take over my new SFA and then it is transported to Cyprus, What provisions are there in place? i effectively will have an empty house less items such as wooden furniture which i am putting into storage. No bed to sleep in, No sofa, cooking utensils etc.

Ive been scouring JSP 752 as far as i know im entitled to 3-4 nights NS in a hotel before my flight, and the same amount in DS. Myself and my Wife are entitled to fly on a trooping flight, but have to pay for a civilian flight if we choose to be on the same flight that we put our dog on.

i was planning on sending my PE to Cyprus around 4th Nov and have requested SFA for the 7th Dec, i assume im entitled to say 4 nights in a hotel. So from 4th Nov - 2nd dec am i expected to sleep on the floor in my SFA? Or am i entitled to longer in a hotel, entitled to a Welfare house for that amount of time? or am i expected to march out of my SFA when my removals go and effectively be homeless and have to lodge at relatives?

My Welfare Office are insisting that i split my removals so i can stay longer in my SFA,but i dont want to do this i want to send it all 6 wks before so that i get everything in a One-er so to speak.

Any advice,information or experiences would be much appreciated.
Ever heard of Army furniture?

You are entitled to a 'get you out pack'.

Your families office will know this, give them a boot up the Arrse.

Just to add, your storage stuff you can keep pretty much untill you are ready to vacate your Qtr, as it will get stored in UK by a different company who move your Cyprus stuff.

As I said, pretty run of the mill stuff, which I suspect the welfare office did try and explain, even if it was in an Arrse about face way.
It wasn't to Cyprus but I have had to do a similar thing. I couldn't see a way around splitting the shipments and actually that was the best way to do it. We had to sort everything in the house into three categories:

1. Don't need it for six weeks but I will need it in the next 2 years, (spare plates excess bedding, clothes, ornaments, xbox, extra TV etc) – First shipment
2. Do need in the next six weeks and within 2 years (all the rest of the stuff) – Second Shipment.
3. Don’t need in the next 2 years, (which if you go SFA furnished is all the furniture) – Suff for storage.

I see your thinking about doing it in one go, but honestly you will be making a rod for your own back.

If I were you I would take the new quarter furnished by the army (or at least until you second shipment gets there).

Also with regards to the dog: You will have enough to do and think about without trying to look after a dog for those moving days. I would get someone else to put it on a flight for you a few weeks later, once you're in the house and sorted out.

Also you're right about the nights you get to move. Its not quite enough after a day for the second shipment, a day for the storage, a day for the cleaners and a day for the handover you really need to hope it went swimingly as you need to be in Brize later on. Don't forget that if you have an early flight to catch you are entitled to an extra day in a hotel near the the airport.
Cheers for the info much appreciated.

You have to meet our Welfare staff to believe them, they are pretty poor to say the least.
I think were getting palmed off with them telling us to not send our sofa and bed and other items such as kettle pans etc until 5 days before just to save them work.
We're not putting them into storage we want them to go first so we have them when we get there.

I heard of the get you in pack which weve asked for in Cyprus but not the reverse.

I'll give them a kick up the arrse and ask for a get you out pack, Army bed and sofa for 4 weeks.
Cheers again

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