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Fellow Arrsers,

The MB family are Cyprus bound this summer, Akrotiri I believe, and I was after any info from people who are there at the moment, or have recently returned, as after a quick search in these hallowed forums, most of the info appears to be quite old.

Of particular interest are what are the quarters like, schooling for under 11's, the social life, cost of living (compared to UK), and what household goods should we bring and store.

I know i will probably get an official pack, but info from the horses mouth is always better!


There are a load of new houses just been built out here at Aki, so it is likely that you will end up in one of these, either bungalow type or upstairs downstairs most of which are 3 bedroom. Cost for a 3 bedroom quarter (fully Furnished) with all allowances included (Fuel & Light etc) is a shade over £500 a month.

Schooling for under 11's is situated on camp, the social life depends on your interests. The Rugby Club is the cheapest none mess bar on camp and is open most weekends with games played every other week. There are various other bars and clubs on camp.

Stuff to bring:

Sofa unless you like the issued ones
Washing Machine
Cutlery, kettle, toaster etc.
A television
Bedding and a quilt (you probably wont need the quilt in the summer but it does get cold in the winter and they are expensive to buy out here)

Everything else you need is already in your quarter.

Car prices are stupid out here as you will find out and bringing your own car out can prove to be expensive when you register it out here. Fuel prices are bordering on £1 a litre so cheaper than the UK but for how long I dont know. A car is a must however unless you want to be stuck on camp. There is no bus service from Akrotiri to the anywhere.

There is a Supermarket on camp which sells alot of Iceland products at inflated prices (i.e. £1 = 1 euro 78 Cents). The cost of living in Cyprus is probably higher than in the UK, a loaf of bread is almost 2 euros and milk is 1 euro 40 cents however at the moment we still have LOA (again for how long no one knows, we have a brief today so no doubt will find out)

When you arrive here you are entitled to take a months net wage loan which is paid back over a year which helps with getting all your nif naf and trivia, pillows, bedding etc

Would be a good idea to stock up on toiletries etc before coming out also as a can of BO basher is around 4 euros and shampoo and the like are also expensive although there are a few places (GB shop and the flea market) where you can get these cheaper.

Make sure your mobile phones are unlocked to any network as it is cheaper to use Cytavoda to phone the UK than your contract one unless you use Vodaphone Passport or similar. 1 Euro normally lasts around 10 minutes. Broadband and home phone packages are available but the speed is limited to 2gb in some areas with most areas only getting 1gb. From what I remember it was 50 euros a month for the phone and broadband then what you spend on top calling the UK.

Any other questions feel free to PM me.
My how times have changed, I was also in Akrotiri in the mid 90's had a great time. There were sports clubs for every water borne event, the diving is fantastic and still reckon the Zenobia to be one of the best dives I did.

Not sure about the cost of stuff now, but I remember there was the 'strip' on the way out of Camp with 5/6 very competitive eating places and a coupe of bars.

Fully agree that a car is a must - got mine from 'Charlies Motors' in Limmasol but remember there was plenty of competition.
Yeah, there are various waterborne clubs, diving, fishing, waterski, sailing available on camp. Tae Kwon Do classes for kids and adults alike, Mixed Martial Arts training available (adults only) Boxing, Football, Rugby, Cardio Kickboxing, running clubs, you name it you can probably find it on camp.

The strip has around 8 eating establishments, Traditional Cyprus Meze (Chris Kebabs, Polis Tavern and Silvanas) Chinese, Indian, Italian, Steak houses and Fish & Chips are also available.

There is a sports bar (New Inn) which puts most English Premier Football & Rugby matches on, The Aki Arms is a dive but is open until 2ish or there is the UV bar. Taxi's are available but not in mass numbers so the walk back to your pad can take up to an hour depending on where you live and your degree of inebriation.
Thanks for the info guys, particularly Cherryviper for taking the time to type all that!

Just one more question - how far is the nearest decent beach?!

There are numerous beaches on camp, Ladies Mile beach about 5 minutes drive out of camp or Curium Beach which is 15/20 minutes away. Beaches in Limassol are 30 minutes, Paphos 45 - 60 minutes away. Nissi beach in Napa is around 2 hours drive but worth it (just make sure your Sunglasses are reflective so the Domestic CO cant see where you are looking)

Any other questions let me know :)


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Can I put in a plug for the Amathus Hash House Harriers, if you like drinking, running and socialising. It's mostly ex-pats rather than military but that can be a good thing too.

Oh and also what he says!
Once again guys thankyou!

Bugger all, I may just take you up on the offer. I was a Herford HHH for a number of years, could be fun to start again - depends on the heat!!


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