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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by 57Chevy, Jun 17, 2010.

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  1. I have just received my assignment order for Bulford.

    Anyone able to give me a heads up on Bulford, Schools, MQ's etc.


  2. HIVE or WRVS will normally put a pack together with all the info you could want/need about a new posting if you ask.
  3. I have requested an arrivals pack, but from experience these things tend to put the spin on things.
  4. Sorry to hear that. Good luck.
  5. I enjoyed Bulfod, mind you. I'd just come from 3 years in Sennelager! Bulford has pretty few amienities (well I left there 10 years ago), but the surrounding area is lovely with plenty of history. Amesbury is the nearest 'town' about 3 miles away with Salisbury and Andover being the nearest shopping towns about 10-12 miles out. Be prepared to get stuck in lots of traffic during the holiday season if you don't learn the local short cuts too!
    I'd have to say it's hard to have a good time in Bulford itself, but the surrounding area has lots to offer.
  6. I live in Bulford in an ex quarter. DO NOT ASK FOR THE CANADA ESTATE! It is a run down dump which is a complete sh1t hole. Ask for New Ward Road as these quarters are all being done up at the moment. The Kiwi school is pretty sh1t but luckily Bulford falls in in the Figheldean catchment area. Figheldean is a really nice little village with a good primary school. The Haig Nursery which is located behind Ward Barracks is really good and they take the child care vouchers which you can get through the Army.
    The Kiwi pub has shut down so there is no pub in the garrison area. Luckily there are some good pubs in the local area. Try The Earl of Normanton in Idminston or The Mallet Arms, both of which are the other side of the A303. The Antrobus Arms hotel in Amesbury is not too bad either. The Holiday Inn has quite a good restaurant in it and they often do theme nights such as comedy club.
    Bulford is quite a decent place to explore the south from. Salisbury is 25 mins away, Andover 20 mins away, Basingstoke 35 mins, Reading about an hour, Bournemouth about an hour, London is an hour away on the train. Do not just spend your time loitering around the garrison as there really is not much there.
    Shopping wise there is a small group of shops in the garrison. The Viceroy is the best Indian (Curry World's service is dire and the food isn't that great). There is a Spar there as well as a small corner shop. There is a Post Office there, a hair dressers, surplus store and tailors.
    Amesbury is ok for some shopping needs. The butchers is really good as is the green grocers. There is a reasonable size Co-op there and there is a new Tesco being built which should be ready by late this year.

    If you have any more questions about the area feel free to ask.
  7. A very accuirate post but you forgot two things, the facilities around the Holiday Inn, Lidl, KFC, Harvester etc.

    The other one is that Bulford is the military version of an Industrial estate, there is nothing there apart from that tiny patch of shops and a load of fenced off Barracks.
  8. Lovely part of the world, wouldn't mind moving back that way myself, Bulford itself bit of a dump as I remember.
  9. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Haaaaaaaaaaa! 'deep intake of breath' Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Haaaaaaaaaaa!
  10. Yeah, it's a shame the entire camp was designed to be open plan (hence roads dissapering under fences etc) and now it's a half mile plus walk to do even the most simple shopping task if you live inside the wire.
  11. Many thanks for the replies so far, useful stuff.

    Papa, cheers for that, now I have a feeling of dread.
  12. Agree that it is a bit of an military industrial estate but most importantly, the oggy van outside Kiwi doesn't serve chips. Disgraceful.
  13. Oh yes, and don't even think of speeding, the RMP, MoD plod and civpol all have speed traps in and around Bulford.
  14. Tescos is just up the road at Tidworth.
  15. Get out and about at every available opportunity. There isn't much in Bulford, so get away whenever you can...i know i did. The sports facilities are very good however.