Posted to Blandford next year.. How is the place?

I will be off to Blandford next year. Was wondering if anyone could provide some intel. I am not sigs but thought I would post here as this is your depot! I am accutely aware that there will be all sorts of replies to this, funny I hope but atleast 1 or 2 should be useful. I will be taking on a MQ with Frau & 2 kids.

Thanks in advance
Don't bank on getting a pad on the camp. PUMAisation taking place.

Other than that, it is a nice area of the country. Takes ages to get anywhere because of the roads,

If you are on camp it is a nice, safe area to raise the nippers with a school. Good running area, with plenty of walking space for nippers and dogs.

It is down south so is expensive. There is a tesco in Blandford and a asda in Poole (45 mins away). The town isn't too bad. Bournemouth close too.

Nice Italian Restaurant down town, but hard to find (off the main drag). The Gorge is a good spot for a proper fat boys breakfast. Ottamans do great kababs.

Lots of book shops. You can get any meat you fancy fromt he two butchers on the main drag.

What do want to know?
You have covered some already, but what are the houses like? Old/new/Refurbed or just horrendous.. Could be a determining factor as to whether Mrs Leonidas comes along for the trip. What are the schools like, much choice, i prefer RC, better education, stricter any way. I know the general area, as was at Warminster for a year or so and travelled around a fair bit. :wink:
It's a dump mate. Sorry, but there you go.

It's about 43,000 light years from the nearest motorway so unless you happen to be from Dorset you're screwed getting anywhere else.

The houses (when I was there 2 years ago) were crap. I was in one of the better ones and we had no shower and electrics that would have put a 1950s London slum to shame. Apparently some of them have been done up now though, so if someone more up to date can correct me I hope they do.

The camp itself isn't bad, pretty much standard for a training camp. Cinema, shop, bowling alley and a couple of bars. Depending on where you'll be working, it might be a bit of a hike to work though. There's a primary school on camp, but I've got no kinden so I can't tell you what it's like.

The local towns (Bournemouth and Poole) are within easy car reach but buses only run every hour (from memory and they cost about a fiver) and taxis there are extortionate (£30 to Poole last time I did it).

Blandford itself is nice enough if you're into the little Georgian town thing. About a mile and a half walk down a very big hill but the theiving cnuts who call themselves taxi drivers in town will charge you £6 for it. Traffic in town is an absolute nightmare over weekends so if you want to drive down, I'd do it early-ish. There's a biggish Tescos just outside the town too for the week's shopping.

If anything's improved since I left someone will doubtless correct me, but pretty much nothing changed between 1999 (T3) and 2005 (T1) so I doubt much radical's happened since.
jimmys_best_mate said:
so I doubt much radical's happened since.
They put new hinges on the gate for the childrens playground and extended the double lines on Blandford main street by 3 feet.

Oh and the Chippy got a new sign.
chocolate_frog said:
They put new hinges on the gate for the childrens playground and extended the double lines on Blandford main street by 3 feet.

Oh and the Chippy got a new sign.
:lol: It's been a big 24 months in Blandford then.

Is the chippy still overpriced to fcuk and crap too? I've never heard anyone describe Ottermans as "great" before either 8O
Probably not been there in about 12 months.

Ottermans is fantastic when you absolutly got to have a kabab and you know it!!!!!

I wouldn't bother with their beef burgers though.
Based in B/ford at the moment. . . . .

You'll be lucky to get an MQ, most postings in are having to wait at best 51 days for private rent (thru army) in town due to the amount of work being done on the houses on camp. You should have recieved a letter informing you about this when you applied for your MQ. You might be lucky tho mate. Most people already in MQ's are being moved out tho for the refurb process so new postings have no hope i expect. Sorry.
roadster280 said:
1970s almost prefab houses. (College Rd, Gunville Down Road) Fcuking dreadful. Postage stamp garden, no storage, not even an attic. Paper thin walls, absolutely atrocious.
Got to agree, moving into Gunville after a Puma'd house in Germany was a bit of a shock. You kind of get used to it providing you manage to store everything, though I'm unsure what the 3 beds are like.

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