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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by trooper142, Feb 12, 2008.

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  1. So far research has led me to believe that instead of MQ`s we will be offered SSFA(hirings) , any recomendations/areas to be aware of ?

    Does anyone have advice about the Secondary schools ?

    All other advice and helpful hints and tips re this subject welcome .
  2. No amount of advice and recommendations will help you or save you for what is ultimatly going to be the worst time of your entire life.

    God Bless.
  3. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    I have no idea where in B'ham you are looking to go....I assume Selly Oak, but not sure on the housing options you get.

    Basically try and get as far away from the centre of town as you can, preferably to the east or south. B'ham isn't bad for transport so getting around isn't too bad.

    If you are Selly Oak area, I'd suggest trying to find somewhere to the south - Solihull is nice enough. If you want to stay close, the only decent bit in the middle is Edgebaston, but it's stupidly expensive.

    The only bonus is close to the best Curries outside of India.


    P.S. My parents live Solihull way so if you want some pointers feel free to ask, I have no idea about birmingham apart from avoid it..;)
  4. There are a (very) small number of MQs in Brum and it depends on your rank, as does your entitlement for a hiring. As for kids, expect crap brummie accents by the time your next posting is due.
  5. Depends where you're going (judging by the thread you could end up either at the TA centre or Selly Oak)

    For ease of travel to/from work anywhere near the cross city line stations on centro (google it) will save you a load of hassle in the mornings and at end of work. Forget driving in Brum during the rush hours and avoid anywhere near Sparkhill/Sparkbrook/Perry Barr, the Stratford Road Coventry Road and anywhere near St Andrews or Villa Park unless of course you want your kids to become victims of indiscriminate gang shootings and bring a whole new meaning to the words 'What's the Crack?'

    I live in Bham and have done for the past 30 years (despite my obvious non-Brumminess). PM me if you want any advice.

    It's not (quite) that bad BTW but ask for a posting to Shrewsbury instead!
  6. We maybe looking at the Edgbaston area .
  7. If you want to live slightly further out where the prices are a bit cheaper you could try pushing out towards the Black Country, Halesowen, Stourbridge et al. Parts are really nice, good transport link and good shopping facilities without the hassle of going into Birmingham City Centre. Plus if you like curry there is Lye (Birmingham's Balti Bangle) where you can get pretty much any type of takeaway.
  8. But Lye is closer to Dudley and not exactly in Birmingham. I can attest to the merits of the Black Country especially around Halesowen, Stourbridge, Hagley (if you can afford it) pretty much most points south west of Birmingham are okay although steer clear of Pool Farm, its a Chav Haven Armpit of a place. Selly Oak and Bourneville are nice Cotteridge is okay, I don't think much of Northfield or Stirchley (I was fetched up in Stirchley and before that Pool Farm.........................hmm what does that say about me?).

    If you fancy it Kidderminster is within commuting distance too, always worth a look.
  9. As a singley or unacompanied you get a choice of 2 places most seem to around Edgbaston for RCDM. Would have thought its the same for pads... I share a flat worth K250... and pay nothing fer it..and even get a further £££ for the hardship of it all, cheers easy :p
  10. Birmingham isen't as bad as people make out all the time, yes it is where 90% of the British bred Taliban live but that's only a small proportion of Birmingham, it's actually a quality City and I've lived here all of my life, there are some right nasty areas, but then again there are some fcuking gooduns.

    The city centre is nice enough too, so don't get as far away as possible lol. Selly Oak there are no problems at all as it's 90% students. No chavs there, further down the road from Selly Oak is Edgbaston, Proper nice area on this side, however the other side is terrible, towards Ladywood/Bearwood.

    If you want anymore info on it just gimme a pm.
  11. I'd vouch for that.
  12. oi oi McVitie you added me on COD4 aye? had no idea you lived in Brumtown.
  13. Alright Smith, whats your tag?

  14. RIFLESAndre, yes I'm obismal at it.
  15. Arhhh, that was you then. I remember now.